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Age of Civilizations
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    • By ModderPaçacı
      +New Uİ
      +120 SCENARİO
      +6 MAP (android)
      +16 MAP (PC)
      +22 GOVERNMENT
      (Earth of İron MAP)
      MAP LİST;
      1- 63
      2-AoC United
      3- British Isles
      4-Iberian Peninsula
      6-Big Middle East
      8-Turkey WIP
      9-Area 51
      11- Fortnite
      12-Netherlands in detail
      13- Antartica
      Mod PC link;

      Mod Android link;
      "memososisine tüm katkılarından dolayı teşekkür ediyorum"

    • By Dougifresh101
      Hi guys, I’m having some issues on IOS. First off, the Diplomacy tab doesn’t work. This is only after I have reinstalled the game(due to the same issue). It happens about 2-3 weeks after I reinstalled. This makes it impossible to declare war, or any other Diplomatic actions. Also, I can not assimilate any of my provinces. It’s a pain in the rear end, and the only way I’ve been able to solve it was to reinstall, but that loses all of my save data(and hours into the game). Please help!
    • By Xenon85
      Hi everyone. I loved the first part of the game. Now I have my problem with the second one.
      1. How to get new diplomacy points?
      2. Why does the relationship with states I am not in contact with deteriorate? For example, I play England, the contact with Iraq worsens.
      Many thanks for your help.
    • By Moroccan_Andalusi
      I was playing a Karaman>Rum campaign and managed to form Rum.
      After a few times of playing whenever I load up my Rum game whenever I click on 'Diplomacy' it won't show any relations. I tried loading other games and every game has this problem. Whenever I try to look at diplomacy through "map modes" the screen turns black and the only thing I see is the flag of my country.
      I even started a new game and it still did not work. Can I fix this? This is a serious issue that needs to be fixed ASAP.
    • By PETER
      Let's face it, the diplomacy in the game is broken.  Nations all around you break into all out pointless war, forcing me to play the game at AI aggressive 50% so Ming doesn't conquer all of India before 1550.  It doesn't necessarily even need to be complex.  A simple timer between wars you can declare is good enough.  Say, you cannot declare another war for the next 50 turns with ANYONE, not just your original opponent.
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