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Age of Civilizations
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    • By Lucas L
      Hi, I made some scenarios of the Spanish Civil War (I’m Spanish) because they are very easy to do, but I'm from Android and I can' t share them until the Workshop arrives.
      About technology: in all the scenarios, the two civilizations have the standard technology level, 0,45.
      Update 25/03/2019:
      -Now, there are 6 scenarios: (In cronological order): august 1 of 1936, august 19 of 1936, may 1 of 1937, november 1 of 1937, july 1 of 1938 and march 1 of 1939.
      -Added Spanish colonies: Equatorial Guinea and Spanish Sahara (However, they are territories with little importance in the war, but now ALL the Spanish territories are represented in the war)
      Some pictures of the scenarios: (In the first two scenarios, I took pictures of Spain, the Spanish Sahara and the Equatorial Guinea, but from may 1 of 1937 the Western Sahara and the Equatorial Guinea are always under francoist control, so I didn't take pictures of these territories from may 1 of 1937 scenario):
      August 1 of 1936:
      August 19 of 1936:
      May 1 of 1937:
      November 1 of 1937:
      July 1 of 1938:
      March 1 of 1939:
      My bases when I was doing the scenarios were maps of some books, maps of Google and some videos of YouTube of the war ''every day''. In special, I want to mentionate the video of the channel of ''LeaMapper'' because I utilised his video for changes in territories of the Spanish colonies.
      Release (of all the scenarios): waiting for Workshop...
      Thank you for reading!
    • By Rivinick
      In the image its possible to see all the civilizations 

    • By Łukasz
      Spanish Civil War
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