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Age of Civilizations
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    • By MarerjhAdditionalAccount
      VERSION 1.1!!!
      I created for you few scenaries for a map from AoC1:
      USA Brazil Cold war Soviet Union World War II World War I Victorian Era Napoleonic wars Fall of Mongol Empire Kievan Rus' --> DOWNLOAD FOR PC <--

      Unzip the zip file Move the files to the "game folder / map / Earth_AoC1 / scenarios" How-To-Update:
      Replace past scenario files with new ones. If you have ideas for a scenario or see a mistake - comment! 😛
      Version 1.1:
      4 new scenarios  

    • By Suzema
      Bloody Europe II - it's a mod with a huge map of Europe.

      In these mod is:

      -Big map of Europe (maybe 1k-2k provinces)
      -Large count of scenarios from antic times to modern
      -New ideologies
      -New music, sounds, icons and fonts
      -Some new civilizations, form civs and unions

      Release of first mod version - summer 2019

      Mine group in VK- firstovinc

      My first mod project - Age of Elder Scrolls

    • By ieunal61
      By ModOfCivilizationsTR🇹🇷
      Modders:ieunal61,Pikachu,Hurtylz,Goody,Keremshortest and a few fans
      What is the this mod?
      This mod will have
      New UI
      New icons
      New Musics
      New Provinces
      New ideologies
      New Great scenarios with events
      But we have "Exams for Entering Highschools"in 1st June.So we are very slow.
      The Pre-Alpha screenshoots
      Version 0.15
      UI completed %90
      Earth map have 4277 province
      New provinces:a few province for turkey and syria(golan,afrin,galliploli etc.)
      Version 0.16
      New font added.
      Liechnstein and San marino added(vatican is removed.Because it is very small.)
      New map background added
      Version 0.17
      UI Completed %95
      Mount Athos added
      Version 0.18
      Some realisticTurkish provinces added(f*** the map editor)
      And more+++coming soon
      Not:this mod is in the pre alpha,so it dont have link.Sorry for bad english



    • By AlphaStar
      You can cringe but you can't not play this (at least when I publish it). Anyways this is literally random, I plastered random civilizations around the regular world map and  you might probably see that from the photos. Might be a few memes here and there.
      Currently Finalizing I'll publish it when I figure out how to publish it and when I'm done finalizing it.
      Umm I guess that's it? I'll also start working on an alternate future WW3 scenario thing that I was thinking about on my 3 week vacation to Europe that I got back from 2 weeks ago.

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