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Age of Civilizations

Flag Competition

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Here are some random flags (and coat of arms) I've made in the past.


Basically the Latvian Coat of Arms but in the middle, there's the Swedish Coat of Arms.


Flag for a rip-off of the International Red Cross.


Flag of the North German Federation from Victoria 2 but it's actually the Latvian flag and on the sides there's a stock image of oak leaves.

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On 28.12.2018 at 14:55, Gevifitan_05 said:

Это не нацистская пропаганда

Flag_of_Greater_Germanic_Republic_var.2.формат PNG

Слева в верху обозначаются протектораты, то есть Германия протекторат Германии?

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      Скидывайте сюда ваши альтернативные флуги
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