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Age of Civilizations
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    • By Lucas L
      I saw that Lukasz has added the Crimea peninsula as a part of Ucrania, when the Crimea peninsula is now under russian occupation (''Republic of Crimea'') so I did some maps and leaders about the "Annexation of Crimea by Russian Federation".
      Some new things:
      -Leader of Ucrania during the provisional government during the Crisis of Crimea of 2014 (Arseni Yatseniuk)
      -The ''Prime Minister'' of the 'Republic of Crimea' Serguei Aksionov.
      -Map of the crisis of Crimea (2014) In this map, I added The ''Republic of Crimea'' as a vassal of Russia with the best relations, and Ucrania is near to the war with the Republic of Crimea and Russia.
      -I also added The ''Republic of Crimea'' in  a Europe map of 1st of january of 2019 (created by me), as a vassal of Russia.
      About tecnology: All the civilizations have the standard tecnology level, 0,45.
      Update 26/03/2019:
      I am from android and I can't share a download link until the Workshop arrives, but I can share some pictures with you (The first three pictures are of the map of "Annexation of Crimea by Russian Federation" in 2014, and the other picture it's from the "Republic of Crimea" in my created map "Europe 1st january of 2019")
      Release: Waiting for Workshop...
      Thank you for reading!
    • By Lucas L
      Update 25/03/2019:
      Hey, I'm a fan of The handmaid's tale, and I started to investigate some maps of the geopolitic of the serie. Finally, I picked some of them and I started to create it. I am from android and I can' t share a download link, but I tell you the final version of the map. There are five civilizations: The republic of Gilead, Mayday ("rebels") The USA government in Hawaii and Alaska, Mexico and Canada. The Republic of Gilead is a fascist state, Mexico and USA government are republics, and Canada and Mayday are democracies.Obviously, the "rebels", the Mayday State, it's allied with the USA government. Mayday and USA government in exile form the alliance of "Alliance for freedom" and both of them are in war against the Republic of Gilead. Canada also has a good relationship with USA government and Mayday. It's my version of the map, I know that there are anothers with more logic, but I choose this because it's the better for me.
      About tecnology: All the civilizations have the standard tecnology level, 0,45.
      Finally, I give you some pictures of the map:(I'm sorry about the flags of the Republic of Gilead and Mayday, but at least I tried xD)
      Release: Waiting for Workshop...
      Thank you for reading!
    • By Lucas L
      Hi, I usually do 'normal' maps, but today I will show you a very unknow map:
      The Cochinchina Campaign.
      I was investigating about some new maps to create, and I found this.
      For the people that doesn't know about this campaign, I give you a Wikipedia link below.
      This map includes:
      -Spain with colonies (Isabella II it's the leader)
      -France with colonies (Napoleon Bonaparte III it's the leader)
      -Nguyen Dinasty (Tu Duc it's the leader)
      -An alliance between Spain and France against Nguyen Dinasty (like in the real history, and in the scenario Spain and France are already in war with Nguyen Dinasty)
      I know that it's very unfair for the Nguyen Dinasty, but the life it's unfair XD.
      About tecnology: All the civilizations have the standard tecnology level, 0,45.
      Update 26/03/2019:
      I am from Android and I can't share a download link until the Workshop arrives, but I can give you some pictures of the map:
      Release: Waiting for Workshop...
      Thank you for reading!
    • By Lucas L
      Hi, I accidentaly change the leader of France during the age of revolution, and I added Napoleon Bonaparte III and Louis Philippe suddenly disappeared.
      In the past, when I was doing some maps, I learnt that if you change the born date,the leader change depending on it, and I tried to change the born date of Louis Philippe and it doesn't work.
      Any suggestions?
      (Thank you for your attention and help!)
      Edit 18/01/2019: I found a solution! You only have to create a new leader with all the things of the leader you have deleted with the date of born of the leader that you wants to delete.
      In my case, Louis Philippe born the 20th April 1808 ( Date of born of Napoleon III) and suddenly Napoleon III disappeared!
      I hope that the people of android learn how to delete a leader with this post!
      Thank you for reading!
    • By Lucas L
      Hi, I made some scenarios of the spanish civil war (I’m spanish) because they are very easy to do, but I am from Android and I can' t share them until the Workshop arrives.
      About tecnology: In all the maps,the two civilizations have the standard tecnology level, 0,45.
      Update 25/03/2019:
      -Now, there are 6 maps: (In cronological order): 1st august of 1936, 19st august of 1936, 1st may of 1937, 1st november of 1937, 1st july of 1938 and 1st march of 1939.
      -Added spanish colonies :Equatorial Guinea and Spanish Sahara (However, they are territories with little importance in the war, but now ALL the spanish territories are represented in the war)
      Some pictures of the maps:(In the first two maps, I take pictures of Spain, the Spanish Sahara and the Equatorial Guinea, but from 1st may of 1937 the Western Sahara and the Equatorial Guinea are always under francoist control, so I don't take pictures of that territories from 1st may if 1937):
      1st august of 1936:
      19st august of 1936:
      1st may of 1937:
      1st november of 1937:
      1st july of 1938:
      1st march of 1939:
      My bases when I was doing the maps were maps of some books, maps of Google and some videos of YouTube of the war "every day". In special, I want to mentionate the video of the channel of "LeaMapper" because I utilised his video for changes in territories of the spanish colonies.
      Release (of all the maps): Waiting for Workshop...
      Thank you for reading!
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