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Age of Civilizations

"Economy Growth" has no effect on economic growth

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I have been doing a bunch of tests on the economic system in order to figure out how things work and how best to increase a nation's wealth.

In the Budget screen, I set "Investments" to 100% and monitored the Economy levels and income growth of my country for 5 turns.  I then spent 20 un-used Tech Points and put them all in "Economic Growth".  The results of a +15% increase to Economic growth?

  • Rate of Economy growth: unchanged*
  • Cost of investing directly in a Province's Economy: unchanged
  • Rate of Development growth: unchanged (Curiously, the development growth rate correlates EXACTLY with the "Province Growth Rate", which I would think should affect population not development...)

Putting tech points into "Economic Growth" seems to have absolutely no effect whatsoever

I think you have a bug.**

*Update: I did further testing to try to factor out the high randomness of Econ construction (Varying from +150 to +250 on any given turn with similar funding), and it appears that there WAS in fact a 15% increase in Econ growth.  I apologize for the incorrect report.  Randomness makes finding bugs hard!

**I'm still not convinced that everything with "Investment" is working properly, so I'll keep checking things.

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