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Age of Civilizations

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    • By kokakolabrooooo
      Hi,this mod is focused on HoI4's map,but the main goal of this mod isn't just the map,but events.I will give informations after this post,this is just an announcement.
      (although,the mod World+ has bigger map,as i said this isn't a mod focused clearly just on the map!)
      Soon I will give the first information!
      (one of my mods was canceled,and this is the reason,i hope it was worth it)
      I forgot to say,there will be some divided provinces like in the Middle East to make some borders more accurate
    • By DenizMert2008
      Folder Link :
      Note: thr folder must uploaded in the folder named Age Of Civilizations II
      note:delete ur old folder
      Good Listening 
    • By DenizMert2008
      mod is updated i'll give link to other topic
    • By Diego
      this is a project to bring hoi4 to age of civilizations while i still work on the imperator mod
      All 13k provinces Scenarios maybe more civilizations maybe some more governments
    • By DenizMert2008
      Link for download :
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