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Age of Civilizations
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Allosaurus Productions

Units in game.

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I really like Aoc2 but I wish they had more units, Like tanks, cannons, infantry,  ships, and more.

You wouldn't have to do much either. Just maybe change the picture into the unit.

This would make more since of the terrain too!

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i want this aswell but not just a new picture but recruitment cost, a research slot for said troop in order to get it, an air map, different damage done to other troops, and maybe levels of troops

maybe a factory feature aswell to help produce tanks 

(i know this is alot so you could do this little by little or not at all and i wont mind 🙂)

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yeah something like :   

-infantry : classic recruits                    max 10 damage per unit

-air army : can be recruited in airports needs money and industry points. units between 1 and 100 planes max per division               max  80 damage per unit

-tank army : can be recruited in factories needs money and industry points. units between 1 and 1000 tanks per division                  max  50 damage per unit

-navy: can be recruited in military ports needs money and industry points. units between 1 and 500 ships per division                        max 100 damage per unit 

could be good to have a tech level for each of these in which you need to invest in order to upgrade your units. 

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