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Age of Civilizations
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    • By IlanFX
      You might played Hoi4 or age of civilization on the world war 2 senario and wonder yourself: What if germany world war 2? Well if you didn't wonder it than lmao i'm sorry but if you were this mod is for you! The tension is high again and japan is collapsing. will you make you lead your nation to glory? or to total death. 
      I am currently focusing on asia
      also there is no plans to release it right now. it might come soon tho
      and i need people to teach me how to mod outside the Editor (game files and stuff)
      I am going to a vacation for a week so i won't be able to develop this mod for a whole week. when i return i will work more.
      V0.1: Mod created,Germany forming the weimar republic Fixed new governments new events new 
      V0.2: Asia Overhaul, New events, New Story and japan collapses

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