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Age of Civilizations

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    • By torenresh
      I'm not complaining, so I don't care either way as i am a tolerant atheist. But is lukasz a christian? Because in the game you have BC instead of BCE. Again i'm just curious.
    • By Swixer
      Lukasz said in steam that he works on something who know maybe its religions or nuclear bomb? 
    • By ArcherCZ
      Hi I have such an idea to use religion in AOC Game > Editor > Create religion > Religion symbol creator Game > Scenario editor > Random scenario > Continents > Wasteland> Civilizations > Provincies > Religions(they work much like cores) In the game Another religion in its own province promotes instabilit  
      Sorry for my English I use google translator
    • By PETER
      Can it be done by fans, or is it impossible without open source?
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