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On ‎1‎/‎3‎/‎2019 at 10:13 AM, goktug14 said:

Both Serbia and Romania was hating eachother, but they needed themself to be alive.

I love the whole story but everything about this quote is legendary, Outstanding work!

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1 hour ago, Don_Colasanti said:

I love the whole story but everything about this quote is legendary, Outstanding work!



Guys, you decided Serbian Empire. I'm with %59,46 then.

Also can't form an alliance with both Pitcairn and Djibouti. Democracy is not always the best as i see

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Note: I forgot to save peace deal of Romanian war, and did it again but a little bit different.



Italy was facing bad economic and social problems. People was hating current corrupt goverment. Only hope of Italians was Goktuci.


People was in the streets, demanding goverment to resign. Goverment resigned, and Italy collapsed. Serbia saved Italy from anarchy.




Goktuci wanted to unite all Yugoslav people. Croatia and Slovenia was still free. Croatia was distracted in France and Slovenia was weak.


Serbian Army was ready to end Croatia and Slovenia, but Austria declared war on us. After besieging Vienna, we made a white peace.



Serbian Army was really ready to end Croatia and Slovenia. With a small conflict, Yugoslav peoples was united again, in Serbian rule.






Romania was not going to get their lesson. They declared war on Poland.

"Wouldn't if it be so great if Serbia control Romania and be friend with Poland at time?", thought Goktuci.

Definitely, it was a great idea. Goktuci was sure, Poland can be their friend, even ally. Only thing he need was time.


2 weeks after of those ideas, Goktuci declared the "duty" against Romania. Everyone was clapping and whistling as crazy, all of them was sure that Goktuci will make Serbia greatest country on the world. They was thinking that they were a superpower already, but Swiss and Japan agents was making whole thing worse. Switzerland and Japan was evil countries that want to rule the world as cruel they can. People was ready to became soldier again. We need to remember, Goktuci won the elections as 74.1%, not 100%. But everyone needed to became soldier because of 74.1%'s decision.


Romanian soldiers was at Polish front. Serbians invaded them quickly. Serbia and Poland divided Romania.


Serbia and Poland founded "Grand Expansion Co-Operative". Their friendship was on paper too now.




God, give strength to Serbia!




NOTE:  I will upload another episode now. If you ask me "rly dude why not one big episode", I just want too keep it in order and more episodes is always better



It wouldn't so nice if I put good and bad things in same episode 😕




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Bulgaria was only country left on Balkans but Serbia. Bulgarians were Slav too and Goktuci wanted to unite all Yugoslav peoples into one flag. But he wanted an union under flag of Serbia, instead of a federative Yugoslavia.


Goktuci wanted to invade Bulgaria, but multiple nations declared war on us. Goktuci said his generals "guys don't worry just defend some beaches".



Goktuci gave orders to conquer Bulgaria. Serbians and Bulgarians had a rough battle at Sofia. Total soldiers that died here was 7500 soldiers. Serbia won the Battle of Sofia, and Bulgaria surrendered. Serbia united Balkans in one flag. It was a first in history, only Goktuci achieved this.




A map of  Balkans during the war




just forgot to capture some ss, was worried about fin and morocboi




God, give strength to Serbia!


NOTE: tomorrow goktugleaks will publish how finland and morocco genocided serbs by war, be ready to see how thousands of young serb slaughtered bcs war



Edited by goktug14
font and stuff

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Goktuci was planning a regime change for Serbia. 75% of people was supporting him, and Serbia became an authoritarian state with him. Journalists that opposing Goktuci was disappearing. Nobody knows what happened to them. Goktuci was becoming old by every day, he was 67 now. And he wanted to save Serbia from stupid democracy. To him, it wasn't the best system. People can be fooled easily, which can let bad leaders to ruin Serbia.


He got what he wanted, he got all of Balkans, and people was happy of it. But he needed a peaceful time for this. He was planning to change it after Invasion of Bulgaria, but with coalition against us, it postponed to a future date.


We made a white peace with Italy and Ukraine, but Morocco and Finland was still not accepting a deal.


While Serbians preparing army, Finns came from Mediterraean and landed on Bosnia. Serbia wasn't prepared for this, to push them back, we had a lot of debt. A LOT OF!





Goktuci's plan was simple. Call Poland to handle Finland, capture some cities of Morocco and finish the war.


First, he called Poland against Finland, and they failed to invade them. Atleast Finland stopped it's invasions against mainland Serbia.



All of Serbian Navy was at Gilbatar, waiting to attack Morocco with 39k soldiers.



We landed on Morocco, but our invasion failed.




Serbia buried heroes that fought for Glorious Serbia. Goktuci made a speech, promised a victory. Everyone clapped and whistled, as they always do.




We was preparing another army, but it destroyed by Finns. Those heroes died with their honors, they stopped a large invasion against every Serb.




Serbia quickly improved itself in navy.We was blocking Finns to naval invade us.




After more bloody battles, both of Morocco and Finland surrendered. Goktuci declared victory. People was in Belgrade streets, celebrating the victory.


At end of the war, total lose to Serbia was 70k young men. The war was a shame to Serbian History.





Goktuci appeared in television. He talked about how bad is currrent regime is. He declared a referandum to change the regime. Referandum's results was good for Goktuci, 80% yes 20% no. This regime gave Goktuci a lot of rights. After a short while, with those rights, Goktuci declared a new monarchy. Everybody was in streets again, now for celebrating monarchy.





He used democracy as a tool to his objective, built his kingdom using democracy.



God, give strength to Serbia!





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After forming of the millitary alliance, Polish became too agressive. Glorious Leader decided to end this millitary alliance because they declared war on Germany. We was just strategic partners with Poland. We always was just strategic partners with Poland, no doubt millitary alliance was a lie that Swiss agents spreaded, as media says.






Bigger economies always need bigger markets. Serbian industry was focused on Poland, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. Firstly, we became enemies with Switzerland, they was claiming that Empire Regime and Glorious Leader was suppressing opposition movements and blocking people's rights. But we knew that all opposition movements was traitors and they was trying to shake the Empire Regime. Also, Regime was giving us good foods and flats with nice clothes. What was they expecting? Regime was giving everything they can need.



After West Europe became the hellhole of the world, Poland intervened and Serbian economy started to fall. An unstable market is always a bad sign. Great Leader wanted to expand his economy to Africa and Asia. No doubt, these places was more stable than Europe. Our monarchist friends, Poland and Spain was a good friend to Serbia. But those two was hating eachother and fighting for dominion in Germany and France. We needed a port to expand Africa.


Glorious Leader, Goktuci was looking into map of Africa. He found a good place to start our bussiness in Africa, it was Tunisia. They were weak but those lands definitely was going to be extremely well places in rule of Empire Regime. They was facing revolts and protests, but Regime had a lot of good agents and police forces to stop them. We requested them to be an autonomous part of Empire, but they declined. Goktuci decided to save Tunisia from anarchy. Who needs protests by the way? Just request these from goverment, if they can give they would give.


Army of Empire was ready to land on Carthage. According to education books, Tunisia was a fake name that Muslims suited to Carthage.



Tunisia wasn't ready for this. But Muslim lobbies was everywhere. Those were immigrated to Europe to escape from old wars in Middle East and never returned to their lands. They were provoking some countries to join the war.


We conquered them quickly. Tunisia was a province of Empire now.





Roko was sleeping in his room. His wife told him to wake up. He looked at the clock, it was 7 AM and he was late this day. He prepared quickly to go early to his job, he kissed his wife and got on the road. His family moved Hungary 15 years ago. Goverment sent them to there to recover there, like another hundreds of Croat families. Then, he was people running in opposite side. They were yelling:


- They are dropping big bombs! Run and save your lifes!


He was shocked. Who was bombing them? Did Swiss came to slaughter them? He ran to city centre to learn what's going. People with Serb flags was shouting with hate against Austria. He understood that Austria was bombing them. Then, they saw a giant gray object. Within seconds, the centre was painted in blood.




Austria was one of countries that had a serious Muslim population. They had lobbies there, and after occupation of Tunisia, they provoked Austrian Goverment to attack Serbia while Serbia was busy with Tunisia.



We wasn't prepared for this, but Regime managed it so well.




It was their second attack to us. Goktuci was giving everyone a second chance, but they used their chance twice already. We annexed there.







God, give strength to Serbia!


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17 hours ago, LildawgGaming said:

These borders... My god they are awful...  But I love the story anyways. 🙂

One of most ugliest borders that I've seen in Europe. Also, thanks 🙂


8 hours ago, BrakeCoachStudios said:

Great story!

but when are we kicking turkeys ass

its already remove o' clock

Thanks! It's soon.



Also, in current save I reached all of my goals. I was planning to unite all Slav peoples but that would be so long. So, end is near.


But don't worry, will do another story after this finishes. And as you can expect, I'm such a uncreative person that still can't find another country to do 2nd story. Pls give me some suggestions

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Episode 10: Crusaders of New Era


Serbia was a hungry country. Regime wanted to expand their economy into Africa, but Tunisia wasn't enough. We needed to attack Morocco, for expanding in Atlantic too. We requested them to be our friend and give us a port, and they declined. We told them again, but they declined it again. And we bombed their capital, which brought them to declare war on us. They declared jihad to us, but we was friend of all Middle Eastern countries expect Yemen, so nobody came to help.

Serbian Army was ready for invasion.



With a very short war, we conquered those Muslims. Regime started assimilation quickly.



Serbians reached oceans for first time.




Serbians were biggest nation in the whole world. It was much against the wishes of certain enemies, like Yemen and Switzerland. They was trying to break us down to let Balkan fall into chaos of fake nations again. But, we was all Serbians. We was not some stupid nations that seen in Balkans 50 years ago. We was all Serbians, if you're not Serbian, you would get executed. So, all of us was Serbian as we say.


Goktuci was a old man. He was near 80 years and he started to have some health problems. He had a wish, it was drinking tea in Constantinople, not Istanbul.


It was a typical meeting, until Goktuci started to talk. Ministers and generals was listening to him. He said a simple sentence.


- I think we can take our lands back.

They was only looking at glorious leader, what was "our" lands? Goktuci understood that nobody understood it. He asked:

- Do we have a non-Christian here?

Nobody answered. Everyone that in the room was Christian.

- Then West Anatolia, old Byzantium land is ours.

Everyone was thinking that how can they manage this situation. It was impossible to them to attack Turkey. Goktuci said:

- Come on, are we stronger than them?

They accepted with their heads.

- Then we can claim our occupied land.


Regime declared a full scaled mobilization. Everyone that can hold a gun was a soldier now. A giant army was preparing against Turkish.





Empire declared war in order to liberate Constantinople from Arab occupation.


3 soldiers was walking in Istanbul. Infidels declared war on them and Istanbul was under siege. Their names was Ahmed, Mehmed and Hassan. Ahmed asked Mehmed while laughing:

-How's that feeling to be a bald, Mehmed?

Ahmed answered quickly:

- Nobody can see that I'm bald while I'm wearing this soldier helmet.

They smiled. Then, Mehmed shouted:


- Watch out! Serbs!

They rolled to unowned damaged cars and started to fight. They killed them. Then, they heard an explosion sound. Hassan screamed:

- It's Blue Mosque! They bombed it!

Blue Mosque was falling to pieces.


After long battles, we managed to conquer Constantinople. Serbians was at streets to celebrate this in whole country. It was a major milestone in the war. Turkish morale collapsed.

Our naval invasion was succesful too.


idk how budapest became largest city


Finally, after long years of rivalry, Yemen declared war on us. We was going to see who is stronger.




But we had some divisions in Italy too. We pushed them back.


After a while, we managed to control all of Western Turkey. We pushed those Muslims to their homeplace.




After occupation of Baghdad, they surrendered. We took what we want. We rebuilded Hagia Sophia, and started to make Constantinople Constantinople again. After our victory in Constantinople, Yemen surrendered and we annexed their Italian territories.








God, give strength to Serbia!


Edited by goktug14
photo bug

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Now this is getting more interesting as usual! You made Serbia great again... Serbian Empire is reunified again... In 21st Century, mostly likely the glorious expansionistic kebab removing Serbia will be still blobbing and expand lands than ever. I wonder if Serbia can conquer Israel and Palestine or even Japan? Well, who knows...

Keep it up dude, your story made me laugh due to being interesting at alternate future of a country.

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1 hour ago, PolishKawaiian said:

Now this is getting more interesting as usual! You made Serbia great again... Serbian Empire is reunified again... In 21st Century, mostly likely the glorious expansionistic kebab removing Serbia will be still blobbing and expand lands than ever. I wonder if Serbia can conquer Israel and Palestine or even Japan? Well, who knows...

Keep it up dude, your story made me laugh due to being interesting at alternate future of a country.

Sad enough, Iran and Switzerland declared war on me and ruined whole country. Actually writed the final, just making fonts and stuff


















those small things are pictures from last episode, forgot that editor replaces them at the last if its uploaded already

Edited by goktug14

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Goktuci was resting in palace. He had some problems with his heart, and he was in bed for 2 weeks. His situation was going bad everyday. He was an old man, his age was 81. On 28 February 2053, he closed his eyes forever. It was a dark day for Serbians. People was crying and mauning in the streets. Nobody ever had a idea that who will rule the country now, even the Regime. Goktuci wasn't married and all of kins was not enough to rule the Empire..


He ruled the country for 35 years, created a superpower from ruins.


Serbia had good relations with other countries but Swiss and Yemeni.



Serbia became number one country in the world.




Serbia had a high technology.




Serbia had good devolopment rates, if we don't count new conquired lands




Serbia captured Colossus of Rhodes and Parthenon. Also, Balkans had a great infrastructure.






God, save Serbia!




Some pictures from the game:





North America



I gave too much money to those Middle Eastern nations to make their wars longer lol



South America



Africa, Spain had a colony somewhere in West Africa. Also Tanzania collapsed into pieces



United Arab Farsea Lands





Central Asia and Pakistan






Pitcairn annexed by Ecuador, damn




Monarchies taking control of Europe




Also, I need to mention. Before releasing this to public, I planned it before and tried to make episode 1. But then decided to make a new save.





Guys, I will start a new story  but I don't know which scenario and country to play with. Pls leave your suggestions, if even with those suggestions I can't decide, I would make a poll in this topic.


btw iran got me because turkey gave them access


Edited by goktug14

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Thus is sad when the story ended due to leader's death, but i liked its plot and interesting alternate future of a country, good job mate.

I wonder if you do the... 1400 story as Ainu to reunified Japan? Well not the 1440 Brandenburg, but 1400 Ainu, from Ainu to Japan.

And you haven't made a club about your stories ever yet, that could be cool if you have made one.

Edited by PolishKawaiian

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Guys, still confused so will do a poll.


1440 Ainu, to form Japan and maybe take over Asia

1440 Bradenburg, to form Germany and maybe take over Europe

1440 Tunis, to build a Muslim trade kingdom

1440 Leinster, to unite Ireland and stuff


2018 Thailand, to lead a 3rd world country to a superpower

2018 Israel, to conquer promised lands and more stuff

2018 Colombia, to unite Gran Colombia, or even Latin America

2018 Nigeria, to make Nigeria Africa's superpower


omg theres so much options, probably will make 2 polls as seperated 1440 and 2018, and make a final. like a championship lol


Btw still waiting suggestions




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