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8 hours ago, Beter Griffin said:

>Be switzerland

>Declare neutrality

>stay neutral for over 200 years

>Suddenly invade and conquer most of France


That's how mafia works.

I am confused how France could lose to Swiss while in my game Swiss was occupied in 2 turns

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Greek elections was ended. Goktuci was curious about Conservative parties that rising in Balkans. They was mostly religious, and Balkan peninsula was not right place for that kind of goverments. Finally, results was learned. Conservatives won the elections in Greece. After a while, new Greek leader started to insult to Serbia and Goktuci. Goverment warned them but they was still insulting to us. Goktuci decided to liberate Greece from reactionary goverment.



Serbian forces occupied Greece, and hold a referandum. By 86% of people decided to join Serbia, we annexed them.




It was a dark week for Romania. Our old friend, has been overthrowed by reactionary opposition rebels. Police forces tried to stop rebellion, but rebels attacked them and a street war happened. Bucharest didn't saw anything like this before, there was blood everywhere. Rebels was so mad, 30 of them was killed during first day. They prepared for next day, and suicidal bomb attacks war started. Dead bodies was everywhere. At end of 6th day, total waste was:

560 police died

1480 wounded

2450 rebels died

1270 wounded


At 7th day, rebels reached Presidency Palace. They burned it, but president was escaping with car. And a suicidal bomb attack was happened, by 200 people dying with president. Rebels created their own goverment, and police forces surrendered. Reactionaries formed their own Romania, by theocracy. Imagine an Christian Iran or Christian Saudi Arabia. Yes, that was new Romania.


In Romania's future, there was no science.

There was no rights.

No technology

No advance

No freedom

Anything was enabled in Romania. Their economy crashed and country was fastly going to a brutal dictatorship...


Goktuci was so angry with this situation. Rebels promised him to keep friendship, but at first month new leader started to crack the alliance. He was against to peace of Balkans, and Goktuci needed to stop him before Balkan fire starts again.


Chief of Army was breathing through his nose. He was so mad. He was running to President's room. Goktuci was going to bed, but he saw him.


- What happened, general?

- Those stupids declared war on Ukraine and ...

Goktuci was curious. He said:

- And?

And general replied.

- They, declared war on Russia.

Goktuci was suprised. He said:

- Prepare army and yourself quickly. We will liberate them.



Serbia declared war on Romania. We had 3 fronts, but we managed it so well.



After a short while, Romania and their puppet Ukraine surrendered. We took some land from Romania and took reperations from Ukraine.


Serbia was rising. We was a truly superpower!




God, give strength to Serbia!


It's a short episode, but dude I need to take care of activity of story. No episode in 4 days, hell no!



Poland suprisingly became a monarchy, don't know how



And, best part you will like


Crotia vs Switzerland vs Czech


Czech and Switzerland... well i think their leaders decided to do a weird kind of swi-








Also, take a look at Tanzania! They are just invading South Africa now.





Also, probably most time wasting part was this.


I just did it from screenshot 😕


Edited by goktug14
fixed seperating -------------------------------

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