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Age of Civilizations
Łukasz Jakowski

Location of the Diseases

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Where do I can find Diseases?

Go to game files -> game -> Diseases.json

YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGQadzV4Ykg

Example code of one of Diseases:

            Name: "Smallpox",
            BeginningYear: -5000,
            EndYear: 5000,
            DURATION_TURNS_MIN: 4,
            DURATION_TURNS_EXTRA: 10,
            OUTBREAK_CHANCE: 0.275,
            OUTBREAK_PROVINCES: 6,
            EXPANSION_MODIFIER: 1.325,
            OUTBREAK_SCORE_ECONOMY: 0.4,
            DEATH_RATE_MIN:   0.000815,
            DEATH_RATE_EXTRA: 0.002725,
            R: 99,
            G: 215,
            B: 178,


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    • By WolodyaRed21
      This mod add more disease.
      Real:Avian influenza,Anthrax,Ebola and Alcoholism(Yes, alcoholism, too)
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      I've seen in the game that there's the cancer disease. The problem is that cancer is not a contagious disease, so the only way I have found to solve this problem is to delete it from the game.
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      vaccines against diseases would be great.
      and cancer does not spread so fast even because it is not contagious
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