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Age of Civilizations
Vis Tacitus

11:59: A Cold War Mod

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Just now, Łukasz Jakowski said:

Looks interesting!

oh also vis is making a union of modders if your interested in butting your head in to it. Vis and a few of his other bois will be petitioning you for things.


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1 hour ago, PApaSpitler said:

Where to put it Though? I have no Idea Where the files belong

If you take a look at the README image up above, underneath Installation instructions, it'll advise you to backup your entire AoC II directory, then delete all your files except your .jar and .exe before copying and pasting all the contents of the .zip into your folder (after you've extracted the .zip of course).

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On 12/30/2018 at 3:09 PM, VitalianXXI said:

How can i contact you ? i think this idea something special . 

You can find him in the Unnoficial Discord


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44 minutes ago, Strangefancypants said:

step 1: make a backup copy of your game
step 2: replace all the backups files with the mods files
step 3: play the game


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Posted (edited)

Hey, great mod!

I noticed that my events arent working. I am currently on the Bear and the Eagle Scenario but have yet to experience an event. I am playing as Saudi Arabia.

Edited by hassan

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      Hello, I'm creating a great mod for AOC2 called "faqgriezz's civilizations 2 mod". It'll add new features: 
      -Blue & White UI style (ready)
      -Brighter Water (ready)
      -New Ideologies (ready (will be updated))
      -New Scenarios (ready (will be updated))
      -New Civilizations (ready (will be updated))
      -New music mod (ready)
      -New fonts (ready)
      -New Portraits (in development)
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      1. Make a backup of your "Age Of Civilizations 2" folder in steam -> steamapps -> common if you'll want to uninstall mod
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      3. Enjoy the mod!
      1. Utwórz kopię folderu "Age Of Civilizations 2" w lokalizacji steam -> steamapps -> common na wypadek gdybyś chciał odinstalować moda
      2. Wypakuj i wklej zawartość pobranego folderu "Age Of Civilizations 2" do folderu steam -> steamapps -> common
      3. Ciesz się modem!
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    • By Your leader kimmy the fat
      You can post Screen Shots of your mods must be ON topic or you will go to the labor camp
    • By ToNaTo
      I have bought legal copies of AoC2 from both steam and google play.
      I made some mod on pc but I wanted to play it on my phone.
      So I find that it can be played on phone by editing a p k.
      However, there comes a problem. Can I share the mod in the forum?
      Download an a p k which is not from google play is equal to a illegal edition. 
      So it will be illegal if I share the mod on android editon?
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