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Age of Civilizations
Ànex i Rux

Economy Bug

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i am facing have the same issue. The only way to solve it is to abandon the province and buy it again, then work on improving the economy as soon as possible, which is a costly technique.


This glitch needs to be changed as soon as possible. It is hard to improve the economy while this glitch is present

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This is happening to me as well and it frequently occurs with the A.I. after they fight long wars. When you take their provinces through peace conferences,  the economy of some remains stuck at 99 even after attempting to invest in the economy multiple times, it's extremely frustrating.

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Guest Adamos

I did have about 20 provinces like this.. most of them I got from 99 up via investments, but 10 of them were stuck at 99, sometimes got to 101,102, but always fell back to 99. Then I've saved some money and put investment slider to 100% and started againg heavy manual investmens and most of them went up with economy to safe numbers. However 2 stayed down.. Even moving capital there didn't work.. I guess it was wore down too much by warfare - so there I used cheatcode economy to get +600...

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Vendex_thegreatest, Thank you so much, this method does work. Just abandon it, colonize it, and invest, and BOOM just like that, the economy starts working again. This fixes it. Thank you.


Edit: Only downside is that population in the province is cut by like 75% after abandoning it. My 30,000 population city went down to 7,000 after I recolonized it 😕 But I got the province's economy up to 20,000 🙂

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INTERESTINGLY, if you raise those economies with the "economy" cheat via console (which adds 600 economy to the province) and also raise its development level with investments, it drops back to 99 faster compared to a lower development level. So it's pointing to a simple math sign issue somewhere in the code or something wrong with the default values of those particular provinces. Should be an easy fix?

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