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    • By Damianeq mappings
      1700 scenario !!!
      scenario requires Addon +
      and is under development.
      I have problems with the Holy German Empire, so I listed the country. if you find any mistake, please write

      Zdięcia aktualnego stanu
    • By Some user
      𝐖𝐖𝟐 𝐛𝐲 𝐅𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞
      *Imagine if Hitler was actually French and hated the Germans, would he try to be a Napoleon 2.0?
      -A possible Great France or Naz1 France?
      -Would France start WW2 by taking revenge on some countries?
      -It would give us alternative countries? Imagine a communist Germany?
      -How would that be?
      -Ideas for the flag? What's the flag meaning? 
      I wanted to discuss ideas with you and maybe create scenarios about it ❤️
      |                                                       |
    • By Some user
      What if the HRE was really a single imperial country? Well, that's what I did in that scenario.
      *I did this simple scenario for fun but I really found it interesting to post here since, we all know that the HRE was a disappointment for the Roman Empire.
      Hope you like it ❤️

      1440 with HRE.zip
    • By Russian Empire
      The script depicts Italy with the largest possible borders that it could have after the Axis victory in WW2

      - Almost the entire Mediterranean coast is under Italian control
      - Puppets of Italy - Serbia, Iraq, Yemen, Oman
      - Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and South Yemen under Italian control

      German Reich
      - Vichy France, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Turkestan under German control.
      - Togo, Tanzania and Cameroon under German control
      - Ascension Island, Saint Helena and some Caribbean islands that were under British control

      - The entire northern territory of the European part of Russia (Great Finland)

      - Most of the Portuguese colonies
      - Puppets: Portugal
      - French Morocco

      Japan Empire:
      - Indochina
      - Puppets: Fascist China, Philippines
      - Malaysia and Dutch East Indies (Indonesia)
      - Russian Southeastern Territories

      Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho and Zimbabwe controlled by South Africa
      Nigeria under the control of Vichy France
      DR Congo and Zimbabwe with a fascist regime, independent.

      Warning! Level made in Addon+!
      Problems with state ideologies are possible.

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