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Age of Civilizations

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      ----signer_5.6.0.---Hello "Comrades"😄!
      I am LAUELCOMMIE... today I am going to present an idea that in these 2 years that I have been studying politics, history and the game AOC2...
      I have ideas and projects to present and launch in these 2 years that I have been studying and editing this app (without removing copyright OBVIOUSLY😅)...
      I want to warn you that it could take up to months to launch more of this content, since I am a poor person, and with difficulties to get internet😔... thanks to the fact that at the beginning of the year I  I moved from the city to the country... but still...
      I'm still motivated to upload this content😄...
      without more to say... let's see the project...😅
      well... as we know... age of civilizations 2, it is not a perfect game, nor is it complete... it has many bugs and other problems...
      So today I am going to upload an "improvement", or whatever you want to call it😄...
      for me it is a "project" and that is... RUS (Russia) represents the Russian empires...
      such as the former Soviet Union...  the Russian Empire among others...
      while a civilization called Soviet Russia or COMR (without translation in the AOC) is a civilization that represents the Federative Socialist Republic of Russia (FSRR)... as some may know... ALL the countries of the  The USSR became INDEPENDENT... they did not change their government...
      THEN a few days or hours later, they changed the government you had, which was the communist one...
      Why am I saying that Russia is the COMR (Soviet Russia) file?
       because as I said before... they became INDEPENDENT, they did not change their government...
      besides that Kazakhstan was the last country to become independent from the union... therefore... COMR (soviet russia) reincarnates the true russia,  while RUS (russia) reincarnates the imperial stages of russia...
      I mean, thanks to those who have read this far... and comment please comrades😄
      Flags_H.zip Flags.zip Read me nwn.txt apk-signer_5.6.0.apk MT Manager_2.7.1.apk
    • By Kerems2434
      @Łukasz Jakowski A lot of modders made mods for the game 2 years. Too many players don't left your game with an update hope. Android players waited for a long time for a game like this, and they wanna just an update for the game now. Low system users, can't play games like EU, HOI4 etc and they are playing your game and they wait for an update. These guys supported you everytime, and they dont want much things now! We know you've worked so hard for this game. And we support you still, but a game producer should improve his game until be the best! You are game producer (amazing game producer) and you can do it, you should do it!

      Just write +1 to comments for support this topic, this game and an update!
    • By Safavidian
      Help me! How can I download Map Editor on mobile
    • By Lyogchuy
      soy nuevo en esta comunidad y desde que estoy en vacaciones eh tradado de hacer algo, ya que todos los mobs tratad de guerra fria ¿por que no hacer una de la WWII? con eventos que sean en la vida real, ese es mi meta y la verdad por no tener las cosas ni una pc y solo lap tardare un año y se que valdra la pena, 
      eh enpezado a hacerlo voy en eventos y como quiero que lo disfrutes, yo mismo hare un evento donde puedas lanzar bombas y capturar a tus enemigos, el mapa tendra para que tu disfrutes 2 finales o ganar con los axis o con los aliados hasta la captura de francia por los sovieticos se vienen eventos grandes y posibles cambios de poder como el plan valanquilla, el leon marino, himmler vs Hitler (posiblemente en el mapa the man and high castille) pero esto tardara y conseguir fotos de los eventos REALES y eventos posibles 
      cuando acabe la primera version la compartire con vosotros 
      posiblemente habra un servidor de Discord de cualquier comunidad ya sea inglesa o española y latina, aqui abajo les dejo mis capturas de la WWII o mas bien project Amarius, si quieren darme ideas de el nombre de este esenario o mod me lo puedes decir aqui abajo acepto sus opiniones, 
      estara la version Español, Ingles y Aleman
      sin nada que decir les deseo suerte chao
      PD: perdon por las capturas el 20 de agosto subire mas con mejor calidad y todos los eventos que eh echo (mas de 20)

    • By Hola
      My Spanish Flag, in the future, colinies Flag.
      1, Iberian Union and the other normal Spain... I am Noob in creating flags jeje.

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