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Age of Civilizations

Greater Europe Map v0.66 - Northern Countries


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20 hours ago, Lonno said:

will there be an early version with only germania or balkans or smth like that before you release the full map?

not sure, it's gonna take a hell lot of time just getting the current provinces onto the map, let alone all of them. I'm probably gonna make the entire map first and then start slowly creating the provinces into the actual in-game map. At that stage there will be playable updates. That's only gonna be in a month or two, though.

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1 hour ago, KevinImperial said:

SE PUEDE DESCARGAR EL MAPA? luego puedes has un mapa de argentina


1 hour ago, KevinImperial said:

QUE programa usas para Dibujar ? 

Te recomendar√≠a que hablases en ingl√©s el post,sobre todo en el apartado de mapas y mods,ya que como comprender√°s la gran mayor√≠a de la gente es angloparlante.Si quieres,puedes venir al subforo de espa√Īol,ya que √ļltimamente es una de las comunidades en cuanto a idiomas m√°s activas jeje.Ah,y tambi√©n si lo precisas puedo traducir tus preguntas del espa√Īol al ingl√©s,tan solo d√≠melo y lo har√©.

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9 hours ago, KevinImperial said:

a mi la política no me interesa hasta la nariz porque existe la política XD  

Ajajjaja, solo me acordé que en ese momento existían las net del gobierno.

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Updated screenshots. Noticed that I nearly doubled the province count since last update. Oops.

I am now focusing on the Balkans (please do not kill me once I am finished) and Southern Italy.

After I finish the Balkans and Southern Italy, I will move on to Iberia (Spain and Portugal).

Thank you for staying around for the extremely long development time of this mod! Hopefully I will have the map done and dusted before summer. That is my ultimate goal.

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