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    • By TDani12
      After downloading and extracting the .zip file, read the "READ ME BEFORE DOING ANYTHING!!!" .txt file.
    • By Trans-Amur
      Bloody Europe II - it's a mod with a huge map of Europe.

      In these mod is:

      -Giant map of Europe (4434 provinces) + big map of Europe (2637 provinces) + large map of German Empire (937 provinces)
      -Large count of scenarios from ancient times to alternative future
      -New fonts and music
      -Plenty of new civilizations, form civs and union
      -You will see changes in the game code that will change the game significantly
      Actual version - 1.1.8/1.1.7

      What's added in version 1.1.8:
      Update for Bloody Europe II - 1.1.8
      • Vassals Changes:
      - Vassals will now be less likely to declare war on other countries
      - Making it harder to keep a vassal with more provinces
      - Diminished effect of attitudes on vassals' desire for freedom mechanics
      - Countries with more military/economic power will now have easier control over vassals
      • Changes in the battle system:
      - You can now summon more troops per call.
      - You can now call up more collaborators from an occupied province.
      - You can now summon more troops from an occupied ally's territory.
      - Decreased economic losses during looting
      - Population losses during looting increased
      - Changes in technological attack
      - Population losses during battles increased
      • Changes in Peace Conference:
      - Vassalization in peace conferences now costs less
      - Reparations lengthened
      • Alliance changes:
      - Reduced the effect of the "Strength of Civilization" modifier for joining an alliance
      • Economy:
      - Global change to the tax system in the game/mod: Taxes ( as a separate mechanic in the country's balance sheet ) now bring in a very large amount of revenue.
      - Reduced income from citizens
      - Now there will be no restrictions when investing in provinces. Development will continue even after 1.0.
      - Changed effects of buildings
      - Now the level of provinces on the special map shows a more accurate figure
      • Change of stability:
      - Happiness now has a stronger effect on stability.
      - Increased the maximum value of stability in the game
      - Population now gives less of a stability buff
      - Sickness now takes 20% of stability. Previously it was 35%.
      - Stability for provinces is 20% instead of 25%.
      - Armies in provinces now give 45% instead of 65%
      - Now army spreads stability to other provinces by 25% instead of 18%
      - Stability is now affected by buildings, each building is different, e.g. farm gives +3% to stability
      • Formable nations:
      - Added over 40 new formable nations
      - Changes in some of the conditions for creating formable nations
      • Forms of Government:
      - Balance changes
      - Added new flags and civilizations
      • AI(Artificial Intelligence) changes:
      - AI will now agree to peace talks if there is no fighting for 10 turns
      - AIs are now more likely to form large alliances with each other
      - Now the AI is better at leading armies
      - AI can now better manage their country's economy
      • Interface changes:
      - The army in the capital is now displayed in black
      - Added links to mod groups in the main menu
      - Renewed icons for social networks and Aos groups in the main menu
      - New boot menu design
      - New loading color changed
      - Added new interface elements, by adding new icons without replacing the old ones
      • Scenario:
      - Added a test scenario to test various mechanics
      - Removed the "World War 6" scenario
      - Fixed growth rates and economies in the "Modern World - Real Population" scenario
      • Bug fixes:
      - Partially fixed a visual bug with incorrect display of diplomacy points in the assimilation menu
      - Fixed a visual bug with incorrect display of the sign for "Education" technology
      - Fixed a visual bug, now 10000 coins are shown in the nation formation menu
      • Miscellaneous:
      - Now in the game start settings menu, you can set the relationship between countries to +250 (maximum in mod)
      - Technology attack and defense bonuses now give 0.65% instead of 0.55%
      - Time interval per turn will now be the same for all eras
      - Localization Changes
      - Changes in English localization
      - Relationships with neighbors are now even worse with aggressive expansion
      - Fixed some connections between provinces
      - Changes in military fatigue
      - Fixed errors in regions on the map
      - Weakened rebel reinforcements
      - Increased army attrition in encircled provinces
      - Start value of AI aggressiveness is now 50%
      - AI aggression in the "Age of Civilizations" mode is now 325% instead of 125%
      List of innovations in update 1.1.7: 
      Changes in AI (Artificial Intelligence):
      - The AI is now better at assimilating provinces.
      - The AI is now better at allocating money to budget spending
      - The AI now sends fewer troops to the border with an unintended enemy
      - The AI now makes better use of festival mechanics
      - Now the AI is better at offering alliances and unions
      - The AI is now better at spending points in peace conferences
      - AI can now build larger alliances with each other more often
      Interface update:
      - Changed the load indicator interface
      - Added a volumetric flag to all interface types
      - Changed the color of boot menu lettering
      - Changed boot color to another
      Changes in Sandbox mode:
      - Now the maximum number of coins given out in the mode is !1!
      - Now the maximum number of action points given out is 1000
      Vassal Changes:
      - The game now automatically puts 18% in the "tribute" tab for vassals.
      - The minimum value to increase a vassal's desire for freedom now starts at 20%.
      Changes to Buildings:
      - Port will now be built 1 turn
      - Changed cost of some buildings
      Console commands:
      - Localized commands into Russian
      - Added ability to open console by pressing "`" [PC] key
      Changes in the budget menu:
      - The research color in the budget menu is now white
      - Expenditure colors in the budget menu are now brighter.
      - Increased the efficiency of getting technology points through the budget menu
      - There will now be no limit when investing in a province, and development will continue even after reaching 1.0
      Other changes:
      - Fixed mechanics of declaring independence
      - Wars can now only be declared after 10 turns
      - Population losses during battles increased
      - Technology fixes
      - Changed localization
      - Changes in military fatigue
      - Fixed errors in regions on the map
      - Fixed some connections between provinces
      - Changes in "technological" attack troops
      - Changed in ideology bonuses
      We hope you enjoy it!

      Here you can download the new version


      Google - Link - PC


      Google - Link - android

      Installation instructions for the mod:

      move the folder from the archive to the desktop. To start the game, go to the folder and run Bloody_Europe II.jar (there are changes to the game code on the jar).


      1.Download and run the file;

      2. Install as normal game;

      3. (Recommended) Delete the game cache if another mod or original game is present on the device;

      4. Start the game (if the game freezes at 49% load, then turn off the game and start again).

    • By FuseSelf555
      Today I'll present scenario about Modern West Europe & Scandivania
      Link here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/sch54a6au8lu7wj/Modern_West_Europe_%26_Scandivania.rar/file
    • By Jota Pe
      This is the first update to the viking age scenario, i updated the British isles, some features:
      - New Leaders;
      - Now is possible to win with Wessex, but is too hard;
      - Isn't so easy to conquest england with Jórvik;
      - More balanced.
      Hope you like it, i'm going to update it in the future. 

      Viking Age - 867 AD.zip
    • By Jota Pe
      This is a scenario of 867 AD to Europe map, isn't 100% but i'm going to improve it, adding leaders and more.
      NOTE: You must copy and paste the "civilizations_editor" folder into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AoCII\game".
      Viking Age - 867 AD.zip

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