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Age of Civilizations
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  • Similar Content

    • By JPM-Stalin
      Time of Civilizations-Topic
      ToC is a great scenario that is being developed by JPM. In one single stage will be the whole History of Human Civilization. From the dawn of civilization through empires that rise and fall, to today and the tomorrow.
      Next Features
      Many Events, Historical ones, even diferent paths for some special nations. New Civilizations. A new system made by events, where you can change your nation every 100 Years if you want. A new system aganist Overexpansion but without limiting you to play. Progress
      Working in the Demo, based on Mesopotamia, where you will see Hordes and how Empires are created and fall.  This means that we will have new Civilizations inside the Game. MESOPOTAMIA EDITION (Without Events) OUT
      In this Small Scenario, you can play in 1500BCE in the Middle East. From the Hittites to Egypt. There is a HRE, "Mesopotamia" where you can try to be the Emperor of the Entire Middle East. Also it has some minor Nations which could be very hard to play. But well, you decide with who you are going to play. 😁
      ToC-Mesopotamia Edition without Events by JPM.zip
    • By W4_Gamer
      Готово : СРИ,  Украина , Румыния, Италия, Сербия, Польша, Германия, Австрия, Бельгия, Нидерланды 

    • By Lucas L
      Hi,I did this map of Europe in august of 1939.It's the same map that World War II,but with some little changes:
      -Germany has conquered Austria and Czechoslovakia (Slovakia is a vassal state)
      -Francisco Franco is the leader of Spain.
      -Italy has conquered Albania.
      -Territories like Greenland,Svalvard and Franz Joseph Land are added in this map.
      -Defensive pacts:If you attack Luxembourg,Netherlands,Belgium,Franceor UK,these countries will attack you because of the defensive pacts (I didn't add Poland because the war between the allies didn't really begin after the the invasion of Benelux,and I didn't add Norway because the same motif,Norway tried to keep neutral because they feared an invasion of the Nazy Germany or the allies because their important strategic position)
      -Little changes like Andorra with France and UK in the alliance of the allies,the Dodecanese Archipelago for Italy and some changes in frontiers,like the Hungary-Slovakia frontier.
      About tecnology:All the civilizations have the standard tecnology level,0.45.
      Update 25/03/2019:
      I am from android and I can't share the map with you until the Workshop comes,but I can give you some pictures:
      Release:Waiting for Workshop...
      Thank you for reading!
    • By marikk
      Europe in 1885!
      Hello, everyone! This is my first real scenario, everything else I've made is imaginary worlds/afow's.
      There might be problems with the leaders since I don't really know how to change them.
      I accept any suggestion and corrections. Updates  will be made once I've got more than a few corrections but still might take more time because of my personal life.
      Suggestions for you!:
      1.Try to unite Bulgaria! All you have to do is play as either Bulgaria or Eastern Rumelia and try to unite with the other.
      2.Try to recreate World War 1!
      3.Try to take over the world as Luxembourg.
      4.Try to Recreate the Balkan League and start the Balkan wars a bit earlier.
      5.Remove kebab as Serbia.(Not meant to offend anyone, just a joke.)
      6. Try to unite the Benelux.    
      Anyways, I hope you have an awesome campaign.

    • By pecca1
      So I taught it would be cool if there was alternate ww2 scenario, so I made one.
      It’s just Europe, but it’s nice scenario.
      Here is the screenshot.

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