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    • By Shop_Soy
      The Ultimate Mod for AoH2! (PC ONLY)
      Alright the title might be a bit deceiving, this is defenitely not the ultimate mod for AoH2, but I think it's cool either way! I started working on this mod after temporarily cancel my other two mods: Shop Soy: Der Kalter Krieg and Vive la France!
      This mod will work as a base for me to remake those previous mods and hopefully other people too! There is not a download link yet but I should get a demo ready to publish soon enough! It's also important to mention I used @Chairman Baad's The Lost Update mod to make a base since I don't know how to program... He said on the mod's page that I didn't need to give credit but I want to make him smile ^^
      Warning: This mod is only available for PC
      -A bunch of new ideologies
      -Improved suggested owners
      -New historical civilizations
      -Slightly better UI (can't promise)
      -Some extra scenarios
      -Updated flags for some countries
      -A couple of new provinces
      DEMOv3 Features:
      -3 or 4 new provinces
      -Small updates to scenarios and formable nations
      -Modern World and Red Dawn scenarios added
      Download (MEGA): https://mega.nz/file/LvAwADCK#0kIvVcHtjSe6P-SOQ9IipvWW04r4bcw5NKdRM-IOlQM
      Download (DRIVE): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1giEbh2_0Ju6SGre79KeKzo4Ac7nUjZJC/view?usp=sharing

    • By Polska
      Historical Ultimate Project (HUP) - Work in progress.

      Hi, I'm Polska, but I prefer to be called Mic, I'm currently using some of my free time to develop a mod with things missing from the game, like a map with historical provinces of various dates, events for interesting scenarios, nations new, formable civilizations and others.
      - New map (15 thousand provinces probably), with cities;
      - Scenarios from 100 BC to 2021 AD;
      - New historical and fictitious formable nations;
      - New ideologies;
      - New nations;
      - Events.
      Current state
      The current state of the mod is still being finalized in Europe, the first alpha will be released when Europe is completed, the 1600 AD scenarios to 2021 are completed and the cities of Europe are completed, while it is not completed I won't launch any mod files (in the first version there will be no events, we are focusing on making the map at the moment).
      If you want to enter the discord server to suggest something or see the mod's progress, I recommend entering the Discord server, I speak Portuguese (my native language), English and I can understand a little bit of Spanish, so we can communicate minimally and exchange some ideas. On Discord it's more certain that I would see your message than here, so if you want to go in there, you're welcome.
      Mic and Renan

    • By Lipark Japanese modder
      ↑↑check this forum↑↑
    • By Lipark Japanese modder
      This is not my mod. It's brought from Russian Community

      "What if German had won ww1?"
      As 1936 dawns, the Weltkrieg's legacy lies heavy upon the shoulders of a new generation. Germany stands astride the center of the world, a power without peer, but about its feet lie enemies both old and new; from France's rising syndicalist Internationale, to the old Entente, to an unbroken Russia and an unrepentant rising sun. All the while Germany's vast reach has left it dangerously overstretched, its allies in Constantinople and Vienna have grown estranged, and across the Atlantic the American colossus falters. Seventeen years have passed since the end of the war, and few expect the new year to bring a turning point, but soon a single spark may be all it takes to light the powder keg anew...

      A Various events brought from hoi4 New Different Idelogies Rework on the map New UI and GFX New Background Kaiserreich styled music New leaders
      Kaiserreich beta update on December 1 in honor of Kazakhstan's First President's Day . Let's not be verbose and get on with it.
      - PC: (Enter game via .jar file located in game folder)
      Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VN0PiowZn_AJgoBkoCU8.
      -Index.Disk: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/hrFIV_7sGhrN-A
      -English translation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iey1AsBBHnUmrNXN9c6cDpV78T8hA2Cc/view?usp=drivesdk (put this file in the game/translation)
      - Android: (Delete previous version before downloading)
      -Google Disk: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UrX5etBOjp-b4wynLJRZ...
      -Yandex.Disk: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/p8vq27xmNtpYgw
      -English Translation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1j2GUWgmvSb2O7svF1ncD-r4z7hXWa_Yo/view?usp=drivesdk
      Special thanks for the help with the port to the Android:
      - Sieg Edition
      - Mouth & Blade
      Maybe soon roll out a new update, who knows.
      Have a nice game
    • By Inspector
      I made my own ideologies, but when playing and I turn into, for example, Stalinism for some reason instead of being Stalinism my country is city state. Another example could be when I turn into conservative but my country turns to comunism. Anybody know what is happening and how to solve it?
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