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    • By rafinha_2007
      New ideologies:
      Social Liberalism
      Liberal Conservatism
      Absolute Monarchy
      Constitutional Monarchy
      Military Dictatorship
      Socialist Dictatorship
      Democratic Socialism
      Social Democracy
      simple ideologies mod.rar
      instructions inside the rar
      Please tell me if my mod have errors
      sorry for my bad english
    • By Awesomenesdragon
      Hello everyone. I can tell you all are people who like Age of Civilizations/History 2. Well, I am making a mod that will make the game even better. It will have a new map, more provinces, more scenarios and more. If you have any ideology suggestions, please comment them.
      Provinces: 100 Done
      Background: When provinces are done
      Connections: When provinces are done
      Scenarios: When provinces are done
    • By setapdede
      Ideologies+ 2 is going to be a mod which will add more ideologies in the game and also a continuation of the original Ideologies+. @pythx also helped me at this mod with some things : )
      Planned stuff
      Splitting the Monarchy ideology into Kingdom, Empire, Duchy, etc Adding most of the idoologies provided by this website: http://quick-facts.co.uk/politics/ideologies.html Hopfully reaching the original goal of the original Ideologies+: Making for each ideology and each country a flag (unless similarities) (IMPOSSIBLE, i will reskin only the ones that mater and requests) Crossed means that it is done
      Current Ideologies
      Democracy Republic Federation United States Feminism Authoritarianism Nationalism Commonwealth Dominion (aka British Colony) Kingdom Empire Duchy Principality Sultanate Emirate Tsardom Absolutist Kingdom Absolutist Empire Other Monarchy Neutral Communism Socialism Theocracy Fascism Radical Feminism National Socialism Horde City State Tribal Military Junta Anarchism Rebels  
      Note: There will be no Beta/Alpha releases only Full Releases since it is instabille for now
    • By JoshIV
      THIS MOD INCLUDES TRANSLATIONS IN ENGLISH AND IN SPANISH     4 new ideologies    -Motoclub  -Narcostate  -Armed Rebels  -State Terrorists.     Motoclub:  Bandits MC  Outlaw MC  Paganos MC    Narco State:  Sinaloa Cartel (Mexico)  Los Zetas (Río Grande  Russian mafia (Russia)  D Company (India)  Criminal Syndicate (UK)  Sun yee on (Honk Kong)  Ukrainian Mafia (Ukraine)  Primeiro Comando do Capital (Brazil)  Os Charlines (Spain)  Cosa Nostra (Italy)  Unione Corsa (Corsica)  The Crips (California)  Irish Finglas Mafia (Ireland)    Armed Rebels:  FARC (Colombia)    Terrorists: The Sendero Luminoso (Peru)  ISIS (Iraq)   New Leaders:   - "El Chapo" - Osiel "Zeta-1" - Terry Adams - Raymond Washington - Marcos "Marcola" Williams   DOWNLOAD:   https://mega.nz/file/h5sgESBI#ie8qkuTs74bJ3Ua7mfmINbuJMZz0WLzVXLYoHnETgqE

    • By Lta
      Give me ideas for an ideology that will be in my mod
      Like this:
                  Name: "Social-Democracy",
                  Extra_Tag: "g",
                  GOV_GROUP_ID: 0,
                  ACCEPTABLE_TAXATION: 0.24,
                  MIN_GOODS: 0.1,
                  MIN_INVESTMENTS: 0.14,
                  RESEARCH_COST: 1.02,
                  INCOME_TAXATION: 1.04,
                  INCOME_PRODUCTION: 1.48,
                  MILITARY_UPKEEP: 1.04,
                  ADMINISTRATION_COST: 1.04,
                  ADMINISTRATION_COST_DISTANCE: 1.02,
                  ADMINISTRATION_COST_CAPITAL: 0.4,
                  COST_OF_MOVE: 8,
                  COST_OF_MOVE_TO_THE_SAME_PROV: 4,
                  COST_OF_MOVE_OWN_PROV: 3,
                  COST_OF_RECRUIT: 18,
                  COST_OF_DISBAND: 16,
                  COST_OF_PLUNDER: 10,
                  DEFENSE_BONUS: 6,
                  CAN_BECOME_CIVILIZED: -1,
                  CIVILIZE_TECH_LEVEL: 2.0f,
                  AVAILABLE_SINCE_AGE_ID: 6,
                  REVOLUTIONARY: false,
                  AI_TYPE: "DEMOCRACY",
                  R: 206,
                  G: 181,
                  B: 97
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