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Birth of a Nation

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    • By Drip Franco
      Now updated to Bp patch 
      So far there are only 15 new scenarios in the mod but I will add more scenarios and countries in the future 
      Download Links:
      Pc: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t-LSiXDilURZL_bn1pXS2RmkolSfmZQ7/view?usp=sharing
      Android Verison updated
      From Tesla on discord; 
      What's new? -Update to version 1.0.73 -New ideology: Abba Kovner Thought, The Jewish partisans of Ostland have a different flag and name in this ideology -48 new songs (you need to put it manually, just go to settings and audio) -The old clearer map is back -Some new leaders for Divided We Fall -Formable Civilizations to Divided We Fall -I'm a easteregg in Divided We Fall -AI in the Second American Civil War (1978) scenario is not going to follow the paths of Marylin Monroe, Afton, Vanny, Nixon Emperor and Biff Tannen (yes he's in the game if you didn't already know) These paths can only be followed by a player, I just wanted to be more faithful to the original video -Maybe there were more other things that I forgot, it's been a while since I've changed anything https://drive.google.com/file/d/10Z1yD_nMsVPbhAqNk_TBxLFk0u7Kiqkf/view
      Credit to Tesla on Tno mod discord for making the android version that add more scenarios like
      Post Putin Russia scenario
      Germany in the Multiverse 
      The Second Fall
      Korean Warlords 
      This mod includes 
      Divided We Fall: An American warlord era

      Grito De Independcia: A Mexican collapse scenario

      A second Chinese warlord era based on this video

      American collapse from Red World hoi4 mod 

      1984 Scenario 

      Two different Man in the high castle scenarios 

      American warlords only

      Entire World 
      Operation Unthinkable Scenario (Not Tro I swear pls don't tell vaux)

      Two different Second American Civil War scenarios 

      Kaiserreich verison

      Kaiserredux Verison

      + Southern Victory Scenario and Canadian Warlord scenario
    • By Reich Chancellor Alexander
      hi i made a detailed version of the us civil war scenario, it doesn't  have any events yet but i have plans on making one with events ; ps tell me if there's any border errors or any other mistakes i made i want this scenario to be one hundred percent historically accurate as possible.😃
      and here's the down load link:
    • By CoolieZN (🇧🇷)
      The scenario is 95% Done, I've been making for the entire week   :3
      It might have some errors, though... But I am going to fix before posting it. 

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