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Age of Civilizations
  1. Kelvinnn


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    • By sabit
      Download Link (Google Drive)
    • By Saving Things
      Hey guys,
      So as some of you mightve realized im the guy who created a video a while ago showing off a cool mod i was creating with a bunch of different things and basically before i could make it public for everyone i went down for surgery and now im at a cross roads and dont know if i should continue so please watch this video it shows everything ive done to the game like a bunch of alliances spectating and just a bunch more and tell me if you think its worth me working on it more or if i should just give it up....
      Should i continue the mod??
    • By NotSoAmerican
      So, uh, basically a fantasy map I made that will literally have 7000+ Provinces, which means it will barely work on my potato so unless you have a decent computer than it will probably crash every five minutes. Here is the map maker I used: https://azgaar.github.io/Fantasy-Map-Generator/. So here is the map and if you open image in a new tab and look you will see thousands of outlines which I will use for the map, scenarios will be made when I figure out a history for this. Signed, NotSoAmerican's 3 brain cells on life support.

      Map of Hueteland
      Release Date: TBD
      Current Status: WIP
      Below is map progress!

      הורדה חופשית <3
      New Logo / Game Lunch pic
      °Fix Fransh Map Sea Grph Aoc1Map 
      °Fix Lags On Map Editor
      Remove OLD's Port's Forts's War Looks
      °Real Year's move time 
      °New's scenarios More then "40+"
      -yeamn's civil war
      -libyan civil war
      -6 days full map scenario
      -Rise of kush
      - -206 Tarentum scenario
      CW 1
      AnD more:)
      °Pnc UI is back Special colors White red 
      °Loding Color
      °music package new Msc 5+
      °New city's/land's "scotra land
      ° formable :) new 12+
      °Fix army Box
      °Fix port Box
      °Ww2 with diff Story
      °Fix some Govermeants / new govermeants
      °diplomacy colors "pnc color is back"
      °new leaders 2019 - 2020
      °New fonts
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