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Age of Civilizations

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Problem with multiplayer is, these games will last AGES.... A Turn may take ~1s for one person who has nothing to do and is just growing one province, vs a person whose declaring war on multiple fronts taking a few minutes. The person that only spent 1s now has to wait minutes for the other person to finish... and then theres hundreds of others civs.


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1 hour ago, krauser3ful said:

for that to be possible, the multiplayer mode would have to eliminate the system of shifts to move to one in real time, similar to that of crusader kings, EU, etc.

Yep, I agree. And with RTS mode, Large nations will have a massive disadvantage, unable to assimilate land easily while upgrading their provinces compared to smaller nations which has few things to do. By the time large nations move their troops to a front line, the enemy would have pushed already.

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All players are making their turns at the same time, and the turn passes every 15s, 30s, 1m or 2m depending on what host selects. this is my suggestion.

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It can be done if lukasz made a lobby system like in hearts of iron IV so that the host can select some settings before starting. The turns will pass automatically After some time and that time depends on the setting that the host chose. And alternative setting will be that the multiplayer settings can be done with a changed version of Warzone (web-based game) Turn system.

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