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The new Japanese emperor.

Wrong : Akihito

Correct : Naruhito  ( He acceded to the Chrysanthemum Throne on 1 May 2019 , following the abdication of his father, Emperor Akihito.)

Edited by TANTAN
Spelling miss

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2 hours ago, ibenhd54 said:

plz can we have east and west berlin as seperate provinces to have a true cold war and germany scenario

after the release of the pre-release version updates will appear and provinces will be changed etc. ideas will mostly be implemented your most likely will be but later and thanks for this comment

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On 8/9/2019 at 4:14 PM, Hetman2311 said:

I wrote the release date in a comment and please write in English, and the map will not be available for now, because there are many reasons, 1 map is not finished, 2, there are no maritime provinces, which means that you can't win 🙂

I don't know if or how I can help, but if you need help just tell me, I will gladly help! (PS I need this map in my life, and I appreciate the effort you make, and I really want to help if I can)

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On 9/2/2019 at 2:45 PM, Hetman2311 said:

Hello Im back. I do new update


- Alaska, Hawaii, Rapa Nui, Pitcairn, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Belize, Suriname, French Guiana, Bermuda, saint pierre i miquelon, Ireland, Northern Ireland

Partially done:

Kiribati, Italy


Alaska border












can you add islands? like the marion islands, antartica, isla de los estados,Fernando de Noronha,Terres australes et antarctiques françaises?

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Hello people i delete my map because this map have huge errors so i do it better map I felt like doing it I didn't want to do that map because of these mistakes, I didn't want to do it now, you will have a better province 

Edited by Hetman2311

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18 часов назад Hetman2311 сказал:

У меня есть огромные ошибки, поэтому я делюсь этим лучше. Мне хотелось сделать это. Я не хотел делать это сейчас, у вас будет лучшая провинция. 

i am waiting

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