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Age of Civilizations

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    • By Lam么ni TTW
      Hello everyone I'm making a alternative Scenario of a alternative World War 1 Scenario聽
      What's New?
      *New Civilizations/Nations:
      Example: Dervish State
      *Alternative Events:
      Example: Alternate Sindicalists War
      *New Revolutions/Rebellions/Revolts:
      Example:Revolts on Croatia
      So what do I do for you?
    • By Yetaloz
      In the game you can change the name of your country, now i wish that you could change the flag in the game :c
    • By Yetaloz
      If you're not so pacient on taking diplomacy with everyone and likes war as this game is dedicated, welcome, this post may help you with some war tactics on this game

      1 - Let them attack: first of all, if you build a good defense against a weaker and smaller nation (Example: China vs North Korea) Let them attack until their economies are struggled, (this may be noticed if they attack with less troops), then after all the attacks, strike violently against the enemy and win the war with low resistance.

      2 - Don't be sieged: NEVER聽let any enemy siege your army, it may makes it without supplies and weaken army, you may lose alot of troops, that is not glorious and the enemy may push back against you, also do sieges against strong armies of like 2000+ soldiers to weaken the enemy.
      3 - Allies: Allies are the cherry of the cake in this game, with allies together both of you can beat a stronger nation (example Camboja and Laos vs Thailand) they also have a nice force that may help you alot in battle, also if your army is completely destroyed, your ally can still hold the positions when you're recovering your army, i've used this tactic alot of times and worked pretty well.
      4 - You're never overprepared:聽聽Thinking that you're overprepared for any war can be some kind of illusion, (don't think like you can't take luxembourg with 70000 troops, please)聽 this game is a box of surprises that can destroy you聽some time (example: 3 nations may declare war at you at the same turn), you need to have absolute trust that you're going to take that country.
      5 - Have a good economy:聽 To have a good army, you need first to have a very well developed economy,聽 so you can still be stabilized with an enormous army spending, this may help you to recover the army in case of emergencies, if not have a good economy,聽VERY HIGH CHANCE聽of your treasure be negative and you lose cause you can't rebuild the army.
      6 -聽Armoury and Supply camps:聽NEVER聽forget about these 2 buildings, they聽ABSOLUTELY聽are important for your wars:

      Armoury:聽Basically troops become cheaper, very good for builds of enormous armies
      Supply Camps:聽Very important if you're invading a big country (Example: invading russia)

      Thank you all for the attention, Hope i helped you alot, if you got any extra tips, comment it, it may help new players to get good at this kinda complicated game.

      - Yetaloz
    • By Modder Pa莽ac谋
      AoC2 Soldier mode is finally released. 聽There are 3 different tanks, 4 different soldiers, 2 different cannons, 2 different planes. 聽I can't believe there's such a mode. 聽Spectacular

      AoC2 Asker modu nihayet yay谋nland谋. 聽3 farkl谋 tank, 4 farkl谋 asker, 2 farkl谋 top, 2 farkl谋 u莽ak var. 聽B枚yle bir mod oldu臒una inanam谋yorum. 聽Muhte艧em

    • By ModderPa莽ac谋
      +New U陌
      +120 SCENAR陌O
      +6 MAP
      +22 GOVERNMENT
      (New Earth ## MAP)
      "memososisine ve keremshortest24 e t眉m katk谋lar谋ndan dolay谋 te艧ekk眉r ediyorum"
      Mod producer's YouTube channel;
      Mod PC link;

      Mod Android link;

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