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Age of Civilizations

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    • By CPUSkull
      Android Version - Release!
      - HotFix! Support
      - Full Features Working 100%
      Vedio Review & Tutorials on Vimeo:
      for Detail about this tool (Include HotFix! & Update)
      Plz go to main topic
      Go to main Topic & Download Python Source Version
      - Pydroid3
      - MT Manager (for Import file to game)
      Install Module
      - Read from Requirements.txt
      pip install Pillow==6.1.0
      pip install python-resize-image==1.1.19
      Operation not permitted?
      Plz move CivEditor to Pydroid3 Internal storage (app folder)
      Dev Word#
      - Library Tool not working with Android Version
      - Plz Back-up AoC2 obb file
      - This is open source you can edit it
      - Happy with Android Version😄😄😄
    • By CPUSkull
      Write in Python & On top of libraries
      - Import Your Flag & Auto Resize for in-game image scale
      - Easy to Customize your civ & Easy to make a lot of Civ
      - Civilization Information Editor
      - flag & flagH function for Edit and Backup
      --Video Review--

      2019-08-19 16-16-41_1.mp4  
      How to Download & Install?
      1. Python Source Version
      MegaDrive: https://mega.nz/#!eixg2KzC!liZDZaOpPvJGZ_zoiMV7SFhS69kU8dRYaT3nZcpigIo
      2. PyInstaller (Execute) Version
      MegaDrive: https://mega.nz/#!nixiECwa!Z1TLvZmCH-ueGI1Uk-Cy9mrE4eEBIQsNp44MUaEiKhU
      (***This Is Update Link)
      What is Different between version?
      Source Version
      - Python Latast Version Required (Include Module)
      - Support for Dev & Hot Fix!
      - For debug need Python skill
      PyInstaller (Execute) Version
      - Execute to exe
      - Package include CivPack
      How to Use?
      - Import your Flag to "Import" folder
      - Open CivEditor
      - Enter CivName
      - Enter flag filename + file extensions (like ".png", ".jpg")
      - Click Import
      - CivInfo is informations about your civ (like Wikipedia or Civ Status)
      - Click Create
      ***If you get error... delete file of error civ and plz step-by-step
      How to Import to game?
      - Copy your civ folder in Workspace folder to civilizations_editor in game folder
      - Add civ name to Age_of_Civilizations file
      - Open game and Edit Civ Color in game editor
      - Copy civ folder in FlagIO & FlagHIO to civilizations_editor
      ***Warning*** after import flag from FlagIO & FlagHIO to game, dont edit civ in game editor (Flag will return to blank) you can edit only name after import
      Dev Word & FAQ:
      - This tool cant edit civ color because color file is Java Serializable (Python have module to edit but need encoding skill)
      - Why flag show white frame? >> File is .png Transparent can show in white or black when show in image viewer
      - Now Library Update! & Android Version Release
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