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    • By Nicsos2
      Modify+ is a global mod, adding a bunch of new interesting things to the game. 
      New scenarios: 2035, 2020, 1945, 1941, 1939, 1936, 1918, Krasnacht, End a New Beginning, The First French Republic, Grand Tartaria, 1492, 1444, 1202, 300 and more... New towns and civilizations New Ideologies New music New GUI Events(Comming Soon) New countries New formed Civilizations New leaders(Comming Soon) And more...  
    • By GerMonika
      This mod is inspired to the HOI4 mod "TWR".
      The Millenery Reich is a mod that focus on the topic "what would have happened if the Axis win the ww2?"
      Germany conquered Poland and France, but lost with british. So stalled with british, the Germans decided to make peace with Great Britain. Italy with the TOTAL help of Germany invade greece and yugoslavia. In 1941 the Axis fight lonely the Soviet Union and win succesfully, meanwhile Japan decide to not enter in the Axis and get defeated by the USA in 1944.
      You can decide the future of the world, with over 200 events and decision, war, peace deals and more!

    • By Shop_Soy
      The Ultimate Mod for AoH2! (PC ONLY)
      Alright the title might be a bit deceiving, this is defenitely not the ultimate mod for AoH2, but I think it's cool either way! I started working on this mod after temporarily cancel my other two mods: Shop Soy: Der Kalter Krieg and Vive la France!
      This mod will work as a base for me to remake those previous mods and hopefully other people too! There is not a download link yet but I should get a demo ready to publish soon enough! It's also important to mention I used @Chairman Baad's The Lost Update mod to make a base since I don't know how to program... He said on the mod's page that I didn't need to give credit but I want to make him smile ^^
      Warning: This mod is only available for PC
      -A bunch of new ideologies
      -Improved suggested owners
      -New historical civilizations
      -Slightly better UI (can't promise)
      -Some extra scenarios
      -Updated flags for some countries
      -A couple of new provinces
      DEMOv4 Features:
      -provinces reseted to default
      -new scenarios
      -new custom nations
      -new formable nations
      -correction/merging of unnecessary nations
      Download (MEGA): https://mega.nz/file/Xy5wETTT#tVTkAA4lurgFklMM75WzWRKmqAbvtrx8BMjgGUYHEDU
      Download (DRIVE): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-fRe3QTSCQ02kJTTvUltAR4WeFl5fjVt/view?usp=sharing

      New ideologies

      New scenarios
    • By OyunB/YT
      No need to explain, screenshot:

      New Civs (Sennar, Wadai and Habsburg Monarchy)
      Detailed vassals
      Detailed tribes and pre-colonial states
      Just one event (French Revolution)
      AND MORE!
      DOWNLOAD LINK:1789.zip
    • By Reza Shah
      What Happen When u Mix Addon+ With Other Mods?

      Your experience will change, And You can't stop playing Video Games and ended up a loser without any job
      Here Some Screenshots:

      In The Name Of Tsar (Default Aoc2)

      Small Fixes For Scenarios

      Dark Background (From tno by Aren)

      Better Graphic (bold and soft Borders)

      Some small bug fixes and better Economy Management (Talirian Codes)

      Better events (Talirian code)
      Reza Shah#4307
      Download Link: [PC]
      Download Link: [BETA] [Android] Huge thank to @PHZanoniGamer ♥️ 
      Side note: Removed Music in android version so It can run faster (some bugs)
      Background submod: 

      Bloody Europe Version under development!
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