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Age of Civilizations
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    • By BOT Eldemir
      I would like to know what combination of settings makes the game look the most pleasing to the eye.
      The most disturbing to me in the game are the flashing borders of countries that look nasty.
      Once after setting the highest possible resolution the borders were smooth and not flickering but now it doesn't do anything (when choosing the world I have set the scale 7).
      Does anyone know what to set up to make the game look the prettiest? or are there any graphics enhancing modes in the game?
      Thank you in advance for your help.

    • By huhvl0ne
      Hello Guys,
      I really need help. I bought AOC2 on Steam a while ago and I finally wanted to play it. The problem was, that I couldn't install it. The Install-Button was grey and I couldn't press it. I use a macbook. 
    • By Sakura
      In China, addon is very popular. A lot of people play your addon. But China respects copyright very much. So I'm here to ask you for reprint rights. 
      Could I Creprint your Addon in China?
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