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Age of Civilizations

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    • By hamhacker_exe
      What if Roman Empire colonize Amerika?
      join HG chat if you want send suggestions or help 😉 
      Click this link if you want join
      AOC MAP.zip
    • By FrenMapper
      656/5000     Problems with the colonies I was playing the ww2 scenario with Germany, but I realized that it was impossible to attack France and the United Kingdom, due to their vast territories that made them gain a lot of man power. I then tried, thanks to the Editor, to create vassals, so that the two powers still had colonies, but that these did not affect so much man power. However, this has led to another problem. Now, if the colonies intervene in the war, at the end of the peace treaties it is possible that the Indian Raj has annexed some territories in Germany, or that French Morocco now has some territories in Italy. Please resolve.
    • By setapdede

      Version 1
      M-A War.zip
    • By Verl
      So right now colonies are really dumbed down and inaccurate.
      What Lukasz should add is:
      Have actual colony countries (like in EU4 where after a while of colonising you get to form one big vassal that can colonise and is less autonomous than a regular vassal). Have said colonial countries declare independence after a while (Have the liberty desire tick slowly up, and as you enter the 1700s and 1800s have the liberty desire tick up more faster). Let that liberty desire rate vary from continent and historical period (like having Africa not really want independence till the 1960s) I think this list is pretty good, you would say?
    • By Checkmate
      Here are a few suggestions I have (react with these things if you support it)
      (like)> Vassals should not be able to peace out with other vassals if both their lords are at war
      (sad)> The Player should get more control over their vassals
      (confused)>You should be able to ajust population and economy from the start (like with tech level) instead of having to make an event to ajust it
      (haha)>There should be an easier way to import flags when making custom civs
      (thanks)>When vassals are pushing in a war overseas (for example british raj helping the uk in germany) the area the vassal takes should be occupied by the lord
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