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Age of Civilizations
  1. memososisi


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    • By davidthomascairns
      Scenario depicting a second American Civil War.
      Tell me if anything needs changed please x

    • By NLZ
      I always get rejected if i want to create union with other civilizations when i'm a union already.
      Is it feature? What can I do?
      Please, reply my Topic. 😀
    • By German Conqueror
      I have made a union with Turkey and made Syria-Turkey from it. I now have 100+ relations with Russia and I also have an alliance with Russia. I keep sending "Form Union" and Russia always denies the option. How can I get Russia to accept the Union? And to note that I am number 1 on the global ranks. Please and thank you.
    • By CoolieZN (🇧🇷)
      Guys, how do I export cenarios from mobile/Android to dropbox or mega? 
    • By Mr.Hitler
      A much more detailed civil war period with many flavor events. Start date is
      December 20th 1860 before the war started

      Check out my workshop on the clubs Paige for the event pictures
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