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Age of Civilizations
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    • By PANTIC
      Scenario states of India version 1
      This scenario is about the states of India or the Civil War 🎌
      This scenario has a few errors and the reason is not from me but from the design of the map 🇵🇱
      In the next update we will try to add pictures of the leaders we will try to fix the border ❌
      X x X
      Details about
      Civi" 22
      Year" 2021
      Author" PNC Tareq

      Links download
      Follow us on YouTube
      " Od ki 3n "
    • By CoolieZN (🇧🇷)
      Observation:  I do not speak English with fluency, however, I live in the United States since December, 2018. I know a lot of English but still don't have fluency. 
      Info: TWT2027 is a cenario that starts in 01/01/2020, in this cenario, there is going to be almost 400 events in the Pre-Alpha. TWT2027 is a cenario mainly focused on events, and most of them are what I call “Choice Events”, that are events that you can make choices! Of course, there is going to have normal events, but most of them are Choice Events. 
      Lore: The year is 2020, things are changing, United States is having a political/ideological war between the Liberals and the Conservatives. Russia is dramatically increasing it's military. China, Russia, Vietnam and Turkey are closer than ever before. South America is not neutral, with the recently change of Brazil's government from a socialist government to a capitalist one, the country is rapdly developing and improving it's technology, however, Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba are not so happy with that. Socialism is a growing ideology in the world, but at least, the world is at peace... Till 2027...
      The Way to 2027 (Daily Update) :  10/18/19
      Events: 23
      Focusing Right Now: Europe 
      How Much are you inspired: 55%
      What do you need help right now: Ideas, guys! I NEED IDEAS!
      If you know how to upload cenarios from Android (or at least how to move from Android to PC, comments bellow because I Need someone to test the cenario and also put a download link). 

    • By CoolieZN (🇧🇷)
      How to Make Events? 
      The country that will receiver the pop-up with the event :T
      Trigger are Basically the thing that makes the whole thing work. If the recipient (country) is doing alright with the trigger, than the outcome (result) is going to happen. For exemple: If the trigger is [Civilization Existe: Turkey], If the country Turkey doesn't exists, than the event is not Gonna pop up for the recipient. 
      Alright, but in this case, Turkey DOES exists, to the trigger is working, than, the event will do the result. Let's say that in this case, the outcome is [Update Relations with Argentina], than, if Turkey exists <trigger>, Turkey is going to update relations with Argentina <outcome/result>.
      Basically version:
      Here how events work: a trigger makes the outcome work. For exemplo, if the trigger is [Government] that means that if the recipient has the government: (youchoose) the pop-up will appear. For example:

      That means that if the trigger is good/working (the trigger is usa being communist) IT is going to play the outcome

      I hope you guys understand it. But if you didn't, you Can comment bellow and I Can do a YouTube video maybe
    • By Venboven
      Hey guys, as the title says, I need some help with scenarios - specifically the events.
      So, I made my own custom WWII scenario and I'm making events to have real life events play out historically in the game. When I'm finished, I hope it'll be like watching World War II unfold before my eyes in video game form. A perfect display of history.
      However, I've just run into my first problem: ending the Spanish Civil War. I built the scenario so that the game starts out with both sides at war. It's actually surprisingly random with whoever wins, but I've easily rigged it in favor of the Nationalists by manually giving them extra troops at the start. The problem instead lies with ending the war and having the Nationalists fully annex the Communist Republicans. They never have enough war score points. They usually end up taking just a few provinces and peacing out. To fix this, I've tried making an event: "End of the Spanish Civil War!" which will result in an immediate white peace between both sides and a capital move to Madrid. The white peace should allow the Nationalists full annexation of all conquered territory, which will be perfect because the event is triggered by Spain having 62 provinces or more, which is the amount of provinces they would have once they've occupied all Communist Republican territory. Only problem is, it doesn't fucking work. I've tried making other triggers/conditions for the event, such as "controlled provinces" and "occupied provinces" and brush-selecting the provinces of Spain. The "Number of provinces >=" which was what I tried using first, didn't work either. I've run out of triggers that would make sense. If anyone out there understands the events in this game, please help me. 😕
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