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Problem loading maps

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    • By RealJusDen
      This problem is in EVERY mod what I do. Everytime. The provinces is getting smaller and go up left. I don`t understand why. I asked many people how to fix it, but no one knows. One decision what they asked to me, it`s just change scale of map to x1, but in some mods, this will make you buy new eyes. Seriously. In one mod, it just stopped being like that in one moment for no reason. But it`s only one mod. How to fix it?

    • By 118_Lyon_118
      Does it exist any detailed map of north America or of the americas? I mean we're plenty of ultra detailed maps of Europe but non of Americas? 
    • By naxcee
      How to change main menu and loading screen music, i changed it for a game, but i don't know how to change it in main menu.
    • By Bing Bong
      Whenever I try to recruit people, it tells me I need 10 movement points. I've tried switching ideologies and everything, but I just can't figure it out. I think it might have something to do with the Governments.json file because I downloaded a mod earlier calls ModernDay+ and it required me to replace the original Governments.json file with their own that has Putinism as one of their ideologies. I can't play the game correctly like this, so it would be great if someone could help!
    • By Anjeliux
      So i wanna change the colors of the countries of a scenario im making, but even if it shows me that the Color Pallete has been saved, i can't used and the Default Color Pallete appears.
      Is there any way i can fix this? Through code or something??
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