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Age of Civilizations

help me

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16 hours ago, problem said:

I can't find my created leader. How to find him?

Can u be clear?  Edit) okay think u talking about UR own leader You created but you cannot find him right

Pc or phone? 

Edited by PANTIC

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19 hours ago, problem said:


Mmm you should put UR own leader image in leader img then open the game choose the year u leader well be in then put the leader name exp Pantic.img 

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      Exactly what is said in the title; the guide for Android doesn’t seem to add up the same on iOS devices that aren’t Macs.
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      The Great War
      This is a WW1 scenario that I'm working on. This scenario Will have Events, New Leader Potraits and some new banners.

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      besides I want to know how to turn your civilization into another by changing the head of state
      forgive my english
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