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Age of Civilizations

World War 1

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    • By CopenhaguenLink
      This is the second version of a mod than I am donig called "Forgotten Wars".  It includes the next:
      War of the Triple Alliance: Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay fights Paraguay. Its hard becuase you will fall in a very big ecnomic depression.
      War of The Pacific: Per√ļ and Bolivia fights Chile. Very hard if you are Chile.
      War Mexico-Usa: USA vs Mexico. Possibly some frontiers are bad.
      Six Days War: Israel vs Egypt, Jordania and Syria. Hard if you are Israel.
      Centeramerica: All center america fights. Its no based on a real war.
      Island of the North, the South and the Caribbean: All Islands of America between Greenland and Falklands fights.
      Latinoamerica Independence: The war between the Spanish Empire and the latinoamerica countries. 
      URRS: All the URRS countrys fights
      1828: The world at 1828.
      2050: Possibly future in 2050.
      Updates of the 1.1 version:
      Two news maps.
      30 new civilizations. (Some aren't implemented in any scenario).
      4 new formable civilizations.
      The Venezuela map is already finished, but for some reason, when I open it with the editor the game crashes, if somebody know the solution for this tell me please. 
      If in Modern World you play as Spain, you will have a bit surprise.
      For the instalation of the mod you have to put the folder with stranges names in scenarios and the combine the folders civilizations and formable civilizations with they respective folder. If it say for reemplaze something say yes.
      Any ideas are welcome.
      Forgotten Wars.rar
    • By Julikos
      This is WWI scenario for whole world.
      World War I - The Great War.RAR
    • By ezeD
      This is a scenario of the WW1 but it have some events. some events follow a progression and other make more balanced the scenario
      . all the events and balance were made by me but the map was made by the youtuber https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt0e88ySW3qmDpBHv4Bepmw
      . this is the first version and this scenario its in indef so if you have ideas tell me
      .if there are some gramaticall error tell me so i could fix them in the next version
      .this scenario isnt 100% historically correct but its the cost for having a better balance and the changes arent the big deal
      .this is the first time that i share a scenario with events so if there is any problem plis tell me
    • By Juanpabloxes
      Hola, vengo en un escenario de un mundo futuro o alternativo situado en el a√Īo 2180.(06/07/2020)
      PSDT: El escenario a√ļn est√° en desarrollo, recibo todo tipo de consejos.¬†
      Principales Novedades: (No se encuentras escritas todas las novedades)
      El Estado de California se independiza de los Estados Unidos, y, a su vez, anexa los territorios de la Baja California Mexicana. La Antillas y otras islas se unifican. Se Unifican Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua y Costa Rica en la Rep√ļblica Federal de Centro Am√©rica. Anexan Belice a la fuerza. Colombia, Ecuador, Panam√° y Venezuela se (re) unifican en la Rep√ļblica de la Gran Colombia. Acuerdan fronteras con Per√ļ y compran territorios de Brasil. Per√ļ y Bolivia se (re) unifican en la Confederaci√≥n Per√ļ-Boliviana. Acuerdan fronteras con Brasil. Europa:
      Catalu√Īa obtiene independencia en conjunto con algunos territorios de Arag√≥n. Breta√Īa obtiene independencia. Alemania se divide. Se (re) unifica la Uni√≥n de Kalmar. Se unifican los pa√≠ses b√°lticos. Se (re) unifica Yugoslavia. Rusia anexa Bielorrusia. Se (re) unifican la Rep√ļblica Checa y Eslovaquia. Se (re) unifican Austria y Hungr√≠a. Obtienen territorios de Ruman√≠a.¬†¬† Asia:
      T√≠bet obtiene independencia. Israel pasa a ser Jerusal√©n e invade Palestina, L√≠bano y Pen√≠nsula de Sina√≠. Se unifican Kazajist√°n, Uzbekist√°n, Turkmenist√°n, Kirguist√°n y Tayikist√°n en el Emirato de Kalist√°n. Se unifican Armenia, Georgia y Azerbay√°n. Arabia Saud√≠ invade Yemen, Om√°n, Emiratos √Ārabes Unidos, Kuwait, Qatar y Bare√≠n. Corea se unifica. Malasia invade Singapur y obtiene soberan√≠a total sobre la isla de Borneo. √Āfrica:
      Egipto obtiene territorios del Nilo. Etiop√≠a invade Eritra y Yibit√ļ. N√≠ger y Nigeria se unifican. Senegal, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea y Sierra Leona se unifican en una Monarqu√≠a. Ben√≠, Togo, Ghana y Costa de Marfil se unifican en un Estado Socialista ¬†
      Pap√ļa Nueva Guinea obtiene el poder completo sobre la isla de Nueva Guinea. Se unifican los Atolones y las Islas del Pac√≠fico en la Federaci√≥n Pac√≠fico.
    • By EpicGamerBro
      So in my other post which i made in the wrong chat thing, i for some reason cant use the WW1 map and it is not in my scenarios folder. Where can i find it?
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