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Age of Civilizations

The 4th Coalition [Incomplete]

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First time uploading, sorry in advance if i messed up the upload 

Napoleon at the height of his power. All of Europe is under his control. All that remained was those pesky Brits...

I created a custom nation call The Confederation of The Rhine with all it's member states like Bavaria, Saxony, etc. as its vassals and the Rhine itself is a vassal of The French Empire. I don't know if the custom nation will appear. The Image I used is from Wikipedia.

I couldn't find a scenario like this, so i made one myself. Unfortunately I suck at research and I'm too busy to finish it. So if anyone is willing to help that would be appreciated. You can re-upload it, change its name, i don't care. Making fictional scenarios is far more easier than this.



1567483174065trcjszvs 1567483174065trcjszvs_A 1567483174065trcjszvs_C 1567483174065trcjszvs_D 1567483174065trcjszvs_HRE 1567483174065trcjszvs_INFO.json 1567483174065trcjszvs_PD 1567483174065trcjszvs_W 1567483174065trcjszvs_E

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