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NUCLEAR WEAPONS in the game archives?!!

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I was editing my game, and decides to open the "Bundle" file to answer a question I had, when I accidentally found it, some extremely interesting things:

-Alliance (commom);

-New diplomatic mechanics (embassies);

-Military Alliance;

-Espionage mechanics;

-Nuclear weapons.

The "Bundle" file is used to translate game codes into our language. This means that if in a language file these codes are translated into it then they really exist. Now why aren't they in the game?

This is not the first time you encounter mechanics that are in the archives but not in the game. The most famous example of this is the "religions" folder, which can be easily found. It only contains images of the religions that would be in the game but are not.

The question I want to ask is this:, why aren't these things in the game, Łukasz? Why did you do things in half ?*

* = (Brazilian expression for those who start something, but don't finish it)


OBS: I translated the text I wrote from Portuguese (my language) to English through Google Translate, so if some parts get confused, you should know why.

Edited by Cayo
Errors in translation

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1 hour ago, SES said:

That's old


Seriously? Before posting to this topic, I searched for other topics that spoke about the same subject but did not find any. The most I found were topics on nuclear weapons suggestions.

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On 1/11/2020 at 10:38 AM, Cayo said:

I was editing my game, and decides to open the "Bundle" file to answer a question I had, when I accidentally found it, some extremely interesting things:

-Alliance (commom);


Erratum: There is only one type of alliance in the game. I got confused when reading things.
I also took some prints to make it easier for you.





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