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  1. Rafael,


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    • By Megaxu
      Hola Comunidad!!:
      Les comparto este increible mod que he estado haciendo para el juego de Age of History 2, el objetivo de esta modificacion es explotar todo el potencial que este juego tiene, con nuevas funciones, formas de gobierno y otras cosas para hacerlo más interesante:
      ¿Que contiene este mod?
      Alpha 1.0:
      * Nuevo Soundtrack "Dystopia" de Kevin Macleoud
      * 28 Nuevos líderes para añadir al juego (comparto imagen)

      * Agregué los mapas de Papers Please y de la primera guerra undial (los mapas son de otros creadores que veran en el video)
      * 10 nuevos escudos, 8 de ellos en alta resolucion para mejorar el apartado del editor de bandera
      * 11 nuevos tipos de gobierno/ideologías con sus respectivas mejoras para crear mapas mucho mas realistas, estos tipos de gobierno son Socialismo, Monarquía parlamentaria, Monarquía absoluta, Dictadura militar, República Presidencial, República Semipresidencial, República Federal, República Parlamentaria, Nacionalismo, Teocracia y Anarquismo (cabe aclarar que las nuevas monarquías no se adaptan a las banderas monarquicas de los paises, se adaptan a la bandera usada por la ideología "democracia"
      No parece un gran avance, pero en el futuro se añadiran nuevos escudos, ideologías, induatrias, y si es posible nuevas unidades, todo para ser más entretenido y completo el juego.
                  *La modificacion solo esta disponible para Android*
      Les dejo un link al video donde se muestra más a detalle estas nuevas características, y se incluye el link de descarga al mod (y aclaro que si tienes instalado el juego original, el juego modificado lo reemplazará)
      Video de review y descarga del mod:
      Cualquier sugerencia para añadir, modificar o corregirlr al mod, comenten porfavor
    • By Ali.jacop
      Hello friends.
        At first, if you were expecting to see a mod to play with, I'm sorry.
        Secondly, I want to explain my situation so that you understand me. I love the Age of Civilizations game and I love something else which is writing, so I decided why not use my writing knowledge to create scenarios with great stories using the events of the Age of Civilizations. Scenarios are different from the rest of the other scenarios, but something stopped me, which is the lack of the things I want in the game (such as specific flags, some new leaders).
        So why don't you add them?
        Because now you will understand my situation, I do not know anything about how to modify the game or add anything to it and my programming experience is simple, and the biggest problem is that I play Age of Civilizations on Android
        So, what do you want ?
        I want someone who knows about programming to volunteer to modify the game according to the requirements I need, and it is not a big thing, just some additions
        Why don't you just ask someone to help you?
        Because I will not be able to return the favor in exchange for help in return
        What will be the benefit if your watch?
        I will waive my rights for the things I worked on for you and you are completely free to do what you will do with the mod when it is finished
        I will be waiting for any reply,        sorry for my english
    • By Based
      After seeing a lack of simplified maps, I decided to make one of my own. Keep in mind that this is my first mod and that I had no previous experience doing something like this. Anyways, here is a mod with 22 scenarios, +2 joke ones, 25 new civilizations, 29 formables and only 533 provinces.
      This map encompasses North America, The Caribbean, North Africa, Part of Asia Minor and Asia Central and Europe. I apologize in advance if you see any border error.
      I hope you all enjoy this mod made by me.
      - Simplified Sam - aka Based
      MOD (With background): Terranova.rar
            ·This version it's already preinstalled for you, so you don't have to do anything except download and extract the file, it only contains the Terranova map (with scenarios and civilizations) and nothing else. Have fun.
                          -Fixed custom Civilizations and formables appearing buggy
      MOD FOR ANDROID (UPDATED): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WKzjL_FVp4Q9BVN0CFyc_7m9bAotMs1O/view?usp=sharing
           ·Instructions: Just need a RAR reader, install it, and play it.
                        -Fixed custom Civilizations, formables and infinite money glitch, population reduced for less lag, and finally, it's playable now.
      Mod for Android -Outdated- with Addon+ (Made by Lta):
           ·Tip for mobile users:
           ·If the loading screen stops at 49% or other percentage, just close and reopen the app, it fixes itself.
           ·If you try to change the map from the map you currently are to Terranova and it stops in at the loading screen. 
                          Go to Settings --> Map: "The map you currently are" --> Select Terranova --> Select Scale x1 - [4440x2600]
      - Map, provinces and coding (Terranova); made by Simplified Sam (Based)
      - Adaptation for Addon 1.4.1; made by Lta
      So I completely forgot about this project, it was a week ago that I found this by accident again, so I decided to fix those problems that the mobile version had. This mod was meant to be for those who wanted to play Aoc2 in their phones but doesn't want a lot of provinces, or their phone is laggy, or just wanted a quick game without reducing the world length.
      Thanks for those who addressed the problems in my game and hopefully you can find this mod funny.
      Also SpringBonnie, just because I made a joke in your discord server doesn't mean you have to hate my work agaisnt me, it happened months ago!
      The other two (Lucas and Age of History) are just fake accounts, just check their bio.
      With that situation addressed, enjoy! 😄
    • By Mvrillo
      This is mys maps for Age of History II;
      Medieval Style: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Kq__82bptz-7T9MT4woqWe5xVXLVpgWG?usp=sharing

      Universalis Style: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ammPIRXh-n33c4AZZgDwYd_L1_8EgNHm?usp=sharing

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