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Age of Elder Scrolls | LAST UPDATE 21.09.2021

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15 hours ago, TheSaltyOne said:

I'm sorry but how do I setup the mod? I drag and dropped the files from winrar in the game's folder but it only made stop from launching 

DON'T put files from archive into game folder! Put them into some empty folder, launch game with AoES2.jar

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Update for Age of Elder Scrolls - 2.2

Update list:

+Changes on the Nirn map:
1.Some new provinces on the map (4620 -> 4648);
2.Cosmetic changes to the background (the shapes of some provinces were changed, islands were added, some terrain color changes);
3.+27 form. civs.;
4.+7 new scenarios, fixes and adjustments in all other scenarios;
5. Fixed some bugs, added some missing province connections;
+101 new civilization;
+41 national bonuses;
+4 new types of terrain (3 of them will be used on the new map, which will appear in the next update);
+Several new diseases;
+3 new forms of government (Dwemer city-state, Aedric kingdom, Oligarchy);

Despite the extensive list, the update is small and there are no significant changes in the gameplay.
The next update will bring a new map and new code changes.
Recently, I often think about making at least one, but a well-developed scenario with events, but I will not promise anything yet.

You can download new update for PC and Android at the first page of this topic

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11 minutes ago, Maxi2121 said:

Ayuda tengo problemas con el mapa de nirn se ve todo negro, los demás mapas están bien  usuario de Android  

This is a bug for 4 and lower core processors for Android, I don't know how to fix it 

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