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Age of Civilizations
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    • By NotSoAmerican
      I felt like making a North American Map, So that is what i'm doing. 
      I'll need a person to use AOC2 to turn into a map, I can make the provinces but someone needs to add it to the game and add colors. 
      ran into an error which is that the smaller states will probably have either two or one provinces or at most 4
      Images will be coming soon:

      South Carolina and the Tail Of North Carolina (30 provinces)

      Carolinas done and ect (99 provinces)
    • By DiamondDude5
      I will halt all poll activity until I'm finished with the future scenarios
      Anyways, here's South America:

      La Plata isn't wasteland its just the colors look similar
      The South American Future.zip
    • By Vojtazz
      I am working on 1789 (Age of Revolution) scenario. When Lukasz will let us share scenarios from Android, I will give you Beta version. If you can give me some advice about map in Asia or Africa, I would be pleased. If you have an Idea for events or something - write to me. 

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