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Age of Civilizations
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    • By doggy_dog
      Hi, this is my first customized civ, so please if you have any criticism or bugs to report, share it. I really want to get better at this!
      This CIV of Grossdeutschland can also be made into a formable civ, to my knowledge there are tutorials on how to
      set it as a formable civ, so if you don't know how to do that, go watch the tutorial on it.
      Thanks, dearly Doug Doggy Dog.¬†ūüź∂¬†[I'm not a¬†¬†furry[



    • By Windows XP Mapping
      This is a upcoming map to be made
      I have a project map ready

    • By UnderRune
      This is my first scenario, I hope you enjoy it:p

      British Civil War.rar
    • By MatrixeQ HD Mapping
      Another scenario with alternative history.
      What if germans won world war II but this is full world
      Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ax6otelolzs3s8a/1946_axis.zip/file or download directly here (scroll down)
      MatrixeQ HD Mapping 

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