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    • By ixxspektro
      Hey, so i bought the game just today and i tried to start it but it just won't work, i don't know what's wrong but i click play and nothing happens, i've tried installing it again but nothing i hope i can get some help and finally play the game?
    • By qwd2359@gmail.com
      The Age of Civilization II, if it is updated,
      If I get all the votes, I'll do it.
      Increase in economic velocity in port installation (increase in money through trade)
      As the city port city becomes, the economy goes up well.
      In addition, if we increase the population growth rate...
      Economic 99-Bug fixes, storage bugs, diplomatic bug fixes...
      Of course you have to modify it.
      With the addition of a general, the way of war is likely to change.
      When moving to the mountainous terrain point,
      There's no point reduction, there's an increase in defense, so the war is a way to go.
      It's going to change a little bit.
      Modifying population growth is the age of civilization two is the age of civilization.
      I don't like it, but I hope it'll be fixed...
      As technology increases, a 10% defense rate per 0.1 becomes realistic.
      Technology determines the victory or defeat of a war.on the formation of
      If I'm skilled and the enemy's skill level is low, it's easy to consume enemy manpower.ex)Such as 1.0
      Enemy .5 My 50% Defense > 5000 vs 10000
      5000-10000× 1/2=0
      The enemy's manpower has been divided by 5000.
      When it comes to sending troops from land to sea,
      If the enemy's money is low, they'll only have a fraction of the sea's history.
      the actual addition of ship building costs to send
      It is.
      The revision of the plateau was made in the 1200s by King Seonjo.
      Without ports, supply stations, they're not on their own soil.
      If there's a little bit of land in the real world,
      And if I break through the enemy's defenses,
      It's not going to be distributed.
      If we don't get a reference here, we'd better get more divided. I'm not giving too much. And 
      The secular system has a political score according to the setting of the country of origin.
      He's controlling the creation of diplomatic scores, and he's trying to control the tributes
      Make it separate so you can control the amount of money.
      Finally, you need to modify the multi-system a little.
      From. Korean player
    • By Ninetiethbeef08
      Luksaz really need moderators
    • By GyLala
      They spam post bots
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