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Join this if you want more info about my mods and stuff. This is totally not a sinister personality cult or mass brainwashing program.
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  2. Welcome to the dev diary for The Chairman Baad Collection version 1.3.0a, codenamed Alive A Life! If you're wondering whether I have any plans for April Fools' Day, I can assure you that this update isn't one of them. Let's quickly go over a few of the changes, shall we? CANADIAN PROVINCES AND TERRITORIES There were two major province changes I've had planned: the Australian subdivisions, and the Canadian provinces and territories. I focused on the Australian subdivisions in 1.2.0a, so I decided to focus on Canada in this new update! I've created 58 new map provinces for Canada by splitti
  3. When a mod dies, it goes to mod hell. This is where I post links to dead mods. 11:59 Crusaders III Projekt Erika The Dust Settles Project Colon More mods coming...
  4. I just realized that I could use objectives to create scenario-specific formables.
  5. If I ever think about putting Antarctica on the map, I know what I could use to get the shape of it.
  6. I'm thinking of putting out a small update soon. That Western Australia thing is really starting to bother me, and I've already fixed it with a micro-province. Plus I want to replace the "leader" of Bosnia. Does "Austrian diplomat serving as High Representative" sound like a leader to you? No? Well that's Valentin Inzko for ya. And Wikipedia misled me on him. Damn it! But anyway. I added a player-only Baltic reintegration event to Sovereign. This is part of a new mechanic which I call "scripted actions". Basically, a nation can now have two types of player-activated events: decisions, whi
  7. Welcome to the dev diary for The Chairman Baad Collection version 1.2.0a, codenamed Count Zero! I have returned from a long hiatus and made many changes, fixes, and improvements over the past week. In fact, this update was originally supposed to be either 1.1.0b or 1.1.1a, but the changes I've made are so great that I'm calling this a major update. Let's quickly go over the changes, shall we? AOH1 MAP IMPROVEMENTS The AoH1 map in 1.2.0a has been vastly improved upon! I have set up terrain types, growth rates, and regions for the map. I have also added some formables that require more than
  8. For the next update, I'm most likely gonna focus on improving existing content rather than adding new stuff. There are quite a few things that need some work.
  9. Hello, everyone! After around two long weeks of work, I am proud to announce that TCBC 1.1.0a is now live for PC and Android players! Let's go over what 1.1.0a brings to the table. TCBC 1.1.0a 'No Fear, No Pain' Major Additions By popular demand, Pop Culture Deluxe has been merged with this mod. All scenarios and civs from PCD have been added. (7 scenarios and 22 civs) New non-PCD scenarios: 1962: Round House, 1990: The Turnover, Sovereign (includes 5 events), Dementopia (includes introduction) Two new formables from P.I. Ported the Europe map to Android
  10. The next update is almost ready for uploading! I just need to squash a few bugs.
  11. For more accuracy in historical scenarios, I added a Macedonia civ without the "North".
  12. Things You Should Do When Making a Mod General Issues Consider the mod you want to make. Are you going for a story-driven mod with diverging paths? Or maybe you want to focus on a certain era of human history? The first thing you should always consider before making a mod is what kind of mod you're going to make. Know your limits. Try to refrain from having too many projects going at the same time. If you have 3 mods in the works and you're trying to focus your attention on one mod at a time, players who were looking forward to the other mods might be disappointed with having

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