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  2. if this mod wont come out by 2022 im continuing it myself
  3. Need to replace the game's own modern world file?
  4. is there english keyboard for mobile in mod??? @ivr17
  5. Today
  6. That is good idea, there is not much buildings at the moment in the game
  7. if you are succeed to add new function in the technology, add buildings is also possible. just code building manager and some coded related to building
  8. i respect your opinion. keep the traditional codes is good, develop another code for originally is also good
  9. I actually opened the wrong file and it got mixed up with the vannila version
  10. It currently has 168 Land provinces, should i add more? if so i will add districts of the regencies in java
  11. Why is assimilation back to 50 instead of 100? That just makes it worse and It's a pain in the ass when your invading very big countries. Please but it to 100 moves.
  12. if its possible you could make plague less effective when you have points in medicine
  13. Hello. I would like to be able to unite several cities in one region. At least conditionally. To monitor the state of the great country was easier. When more than 1,000 provinces are under my control, it is very difficult to separate each of them in separation. Like on screenshots:
  14. AOH2 Province Updater I made this program because i had to make it lol and i made it in JavaScript. This program updates provinces you have made with the Map Editor data, why should you/when to use this program? This program is used when you accidentally made a mistake while making your map and then not being able to overwrite or update the exported provinces with the Map Editor. The Instructions of how to use it is in the program. GitHub Download/Releases : https://github.com/honsda/AOH2-ProvinceUpdater/releases Report bugs here : https://github.com/honsda/AOH2-Provin
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