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  2. This is cool modification!
  3. This means dumplings, the white little things that have meat inside them.
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  5. So i've decided to Balkanize Mittelafrika a bit, because for some reason, they always rebelled against Germany ( Because they have a hell large population & Economy, that even was more than Germany itself ) ( There's a very little chance i'm going to add some african Kaiserredux events, like mau-mau maybe, idk i never played Kaiserredux again because the mod was slow af, even TNO runs faster in my pc lol ) I also give the Netherlands eastern part of Indonesia ( Same reason like Mittelafrika )
  6. btw i have some ideas how to make justyfing more realistic or something -War goals last only some time -War goals instead of ultimatums (cuz you could cheat to have war immediately) -Justifying faster when you have cores in enemys provinces -Justyfing faster when enemy country is at war -Justyfing faster when enemy country declared wars on others -Justyfing faster when bad relations -Justyfing faster when you are at war -Justyfing faster when other goverment (i mean Democracy-Facist-Communism) -Justyfing Longer when good relations And the most important is actually to noti
  7. Hello i'm new on this forum, i dont know how to download content, can u help me ? 🙂
  8. The links are on the first page. Android users just have to install the a.p.k. Pc users have to replace their files with the files the download link gives.
  9. In the current game you have to have at least 10 soldiers to attack a province, can you make this number 100?
  10. gościu mod ma rok i zero komentarzy, reakcji, myślisz że dalej żyje? xD
  11. Also you could make the top 5/3 countries dont need to have allies to justify war goals but its just a suggestion
  12. Oh my god bro, you are genius, i would never even suggest that cause i thought its too hard but i see you are capable of everything, great job. Just consider the thing i said earlier about two versions with more rebels
  13. Introducing a new mechanic in the game - justifying the goals of war Now, in order to attack a country, you first need to justify the goal of the war against it. The player can choose when the pretext for war is ready, the minimum number of moves is 10. At the end of the moves, the war will be declared to the country automatically. I can say that playing has become more interesting and enjoyable with the mechanics of justifying the goals of war, it remains to teach the AI to use this mechanic. I must also say that this mechanic has a drawback, you need at least one ally to start just
  14. AoH2 Discord https://discord.gg/ej2a75zUcA
  15. Są jakieś eventy? Tak w ogóle czy ten projekt jest jeszcze żywy? Czy go totalnie olałeś czy dalej nad nim pracujesz?
  16. The flag effect has been changed. Also if you look at the left image you'll notice thag part of the flag was cut off, that has also been fixed by adding a border around all flag image files. The flag in-game New icons The colour pallet of the German sphere has also been changed to make it easier to differentiate between the RK's territories. Old New
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