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  1. If you're not so pacient on taking diplomacy with everyone and likes war as this game is dedicated, welcome, this post may help you with some war tactics on this game 1 - Let them attack: first of all, if you build a good defense against a weaker and smaller nation (Example: China vs North Korea) Let them attack until their economies are struggled, (this may be noticed if they attack with less troops), then after all the attacks, strike violently against the enemy and win the war with low resistance. 2 - Don't be sieged: NEVER let any enemy siege your army, it may makes it without suppli
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  2. Hello everyone I'm making a alternative Scenario of a alternative World War 1 Scenario What's New? *New Civilizations/Nations: Example: Dervish State *Alternative Events: Example: Alternate Sindicalists War *New Revolutions/Rebellions/Revolts: Example:Revolts on Croatia So what do I do for you?
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  4. Lamôni TTW

    AoC2 Tank mod

    Haha I am a dumb
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  5. Windows XP Mapping

    The Soviet War

    Yes please, since I can't make a .zip file, I would be pleased if you do it
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  6. It was just a joke.
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  7. I am a high school student in Korea. So I don't have the ability yet to create a system of games like this, also I don't have the most important time.
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  8. TaDziK

    New Flag Effect! (V2)

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  9. Rebels sometimes occur at random territory and tries to get independent. I was playing WW2 map and somewhere in Africa rebels formed Belgium :P
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  10. AoC2 Soldier mode is finally released. There are 3 different tanks, 4 different soldiers, 2 different cannons, 2 different planes. I can't believe there's such a mode. Spectacular ⛔ AoC2 Asker modu nihayet yayınlandı. 3 farklı tank, 4 farklı asker, 2 farklı top, 2 farklı uçak var. Böyle bir mod olduğuna inanamıyorum. Muhteşem ⛔ Link; https://lnkload.com/2jKYk
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