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  1. The current version is enjoyable, but I wanted more. I still play it on the PC on regular basis.
  2. Such a shame. It's one my personal favorites.
  3. Not a problem for me, I can wait.
  4. Any news?
  5. @SuzemaAny chance in the future we could see an Alexander the Great scenario? Or Third Century Crisis?
  6. The map with Akavir included was causing trouble?
  7. Is he a 1 man team still? Łukaz I mean.
  8. Update 0.2b is really good, I am enjoying the game. As for bugs or issues: 1. Some factions have no name (Fatimids for example). Suggestions: 1. Justinian's Conquest Scenario (565 AD) 2. Alexander's Wars Scenario (336 BC) 3. French Revolutionary Wars (1792 - 1803) 4. 1st or 3rd Crusade Era (1095/1189) 5. More leaders.
  9. Any news on updates? Lovely those new governments. A Napoleonic Era scenario would be cool too. Awesome mod guys keep it going
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