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  1. give chad all of france and its 1936 colonies
  2. Cold War has just Started, between... 3 Sides? NATO vs Warsaw Pact vs.... Benelux? who will win? This Cold War Scenario includes a whole new Faction called Benelux, but Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg annexes the B nations(the nations in modern day that start with b), the N nations and the L nations. 1575935216656bmgqqzxo.zip
  3. mejor que mis calificaciones reales
  4. I Made a Map of SMPEarth, it changes so the date of the map is december 8th, but that doesn't change the fact that it looks really weird. i had to change some countries names. Link to the SMPEarth site: https://smpearth.com/ 1575855072750necfrdpx.zip
  5. so this scenario wont release until i have done every peninsula, so i will make a world war 2 version of this scenario.
  6. So, august 23rd, i created a scenario called 'Age of Civilization 2 but Peninsulas are swapped', i have decided to remake the scenario. it will be kinda different, so here's what i have done of it; Iberian Peninsula <-> Balkan Peninsula Korean Peninsula <-> Italian Peninsula Florida <-> Brittany Horn of Africa <-> Subcontinent of India Indochina Peninsula <-> Labrador Peninsula Crimea <-> Michigan Alaska <-> Cornwall Anatolian Peninsula <-> Scandinavian Peninsula Denmark <-> Baja California
  7. I want to join, i am from canada, my capital would be somewhere in ontario. and here is my flag. and also my ideology is obviously communist.
  8. So, the Great Powers are strong nations in Age of Civilizations 2, but what if i were to change that and make everyone else stronger than them, well thats exactly what i did 1570062624271qajatiob.zip
  9. you might have to wait 5 more days until there could be a chance for the review to be uploaded.
  10. i'll add sealand and other smaller nations with no provinces, they will not have the lands in modern times until the creators adds them in which is in like 1 year or so
  11. Yes it does work, Great Job!, i probably won't use it because i like making my maps from scratch but still a great tool to use
  12. Did it work?

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    2. WorkPlease


      ok. hope you find a solution.

    3. SovietPuns


      I think i have fixed it, i will release the update soon

    4. WorkPlease
  13. i'll try and fix that, i want the smaller nations to stay powerful.
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