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  1. I can’t seem to get particular events to work, and at this point I am not actually sure if this is how you use them. My situation: I am recreating a Korean War scenario wherein if the UN occupies or controls provinces next to the North Korean border with China, the Chinese will ally themselves with North Korea and declare war on the UN. Now, maybe my triggers and outcomes are just plain out wrong. May I ask anyone for help on how to actually make this “event”?
  2. There’s this one feature I couldn’t get around yet; creating “decisions” in the scenario editor. What I am specifically talking about is recreating or forming a country like how you could do in the Sengoku (Japan) map. On every civilization there is this decision wherein you could “Form Japan”, when you finally conquer all the provinces the option becomes entirely available to you and your country changes its name to “Japan”. Is it possible to recreate this feature on scenario editor?
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