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    I finaly finished this scenario here is the link. It have much countries and events, enjoy 1546094119761ntyvdnpf.zip
  2. As you can see,my very first scenario is updated. -Asia added -Middle East added -Fixed some bugs -Added new Nations 1546094119761ntyvdnpf - 1.zip
  3. Well this is alpha 1.0 version,with every update i will add new part of world
  4. No probs,btw which part of world or event you want to see in next update?
  5. To download scenario first download everyting from the downloa site and create a folder for mod and put it in age of civiizations2/map/earth/scenarios
  6. This is my first alternative scenario,currently i have only Europe and Africa finished,but this is just 1.0 version I have backstory for whole scenario,if you want to know about it tell me in comments. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xp1z5asd6x1oa9v/AAASvSR5PzWTGkVqWpeZQF9Oa?dl=0 (link for the download) Feel free to suggest how to improve this scenario or correct my English :D.
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